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  • Kelly Mann - Heart Racing for hours

    Thought I was going to have a heart attack- I'm 37 and healthy and a not a heavy caffeine drinker- this caused me for hours to sweat and have the chills. I felt the need to eat to manage the queasy effect. I would never make it to the recommended 2/3 pills per day - one was too much for me

  • Hazel Rogers - It charges quickly

    Its great for use in the car as a hands free, it can be used with Sat Nav and your smartphone.It fits well over the ear, and is very clear in sound and the voice that is transmitted, the is a noise cancellation feature that cuts out background noise when on the phone. My friends and work colleagues do not know when i am using it and when i am not.

  • Kris - excellent phone as a emergency backup or as your primary phone. at $60 you can find a better dual sim unlocked android phone

    i bought these phones as a last minute gift for some relatives in India. the main reason i bought these is because they are factory unlocked and ready to use out of the box and they have dual sim option. they look great on picture, and the specs are very promising. BLU looks very similar to samsung galaxy flagship phones. i did my research on these phones before i purchased them, because i understand they are made to be affordable for low income earning demographic and i understand the quality is not equal to a samsung galaxy phone. i purchased 2 phones 4 days before my trip to India, they arrived on time due to prime shipping. i only opened one phone to check the feel and build quality of the phone. the phone felt slightly heavier than by samsung galaxy s3 (yes, i still use an s3, because it still works excellent, and i see no reason to shell out $700 every year a new phone is released) the battery is longer than my s3 battery. the back cover took few seconds to find the notch to lift with the nail, the notch is in the corner. i inserted the battery and my sim card, the phone turned on and functions. by network is displayed and test call was placed. i did not try the dual sim feature though. the display was very vibrant just like the expensive samsung models. overall i like the feel of the phone. its sturdy, and slim and the camera works great. i would definitely by this phone again as a gift for someone or as a backup emergency phone for myself. at $60 dollars this is a bargain and i would be more than happy if it functions for at least 1 year. i would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an affordable cell phone with great speed and great build quality. FYI: the only reason the brand name phones are expensive is because they spend millions of dollars in advertising, and BLU does not spend money on advertising, but have contracts with electronic stores, thats how i found out about the BLU brand at a local Best Buy. just because BLU phones are cheap, it does not mean they are made of cheap components.

  • Mr F - Nice doors

    I installed the door didn't have any issues a few little tweaks and they fit great the doors shut just a touch harder then they use to but that's fine they should make noise and maybe seal a little better

  • 2yorkiemama - Great for acne - with one caveat. :(

    I actually love it, with one caveat. I used it for cystic acne, and it worked wonderfully to bring down the swelling. However, it did burn my skin. I even used it with a carrier oil. I'm really bummed because it did work so good on the acne. I may have to try a different oil such as argan. If you don't have sensitive skin, I do believe this would be a great product for you! The smell is very pleasant, though quite strong. The price was exceptionally good, also.

  • ed abbey west - At first I thought it would be terrific, based on others' reviews

    I've had Webroot for 2 yrs, courtesy of my involvement with the Geek Squad. At first I thought it would be terrific, based on others' reviews, but it's not been doing its job properly. About six months after installation, I started getting BSODs and other issues. I took my Toshiba Satellite in, and the Squad ended up having to do a clean reinstall of my system (7). After an informative discussion with the guy in line ahead of me, I did not opt for Sys 10, even though it was free. I had assumed things were being kept in check by Webroot, but it let in far too much malware, adware, viruses, etc. etc. Now, a month after losing all my programs due to the clean reinstall, I'm already getting BSODs, and today it let on the charming lucky shopper virus. I've HAD IT with Webroot. Don't waste your money or nerves on this junk.

  • Amazon Customer - High Priced for what is actually there

    For what is in the box, it should have been about 50 bucks or so. There are NO surround sound mixes or any kind of upgraded audio, so I feel a bit cheated for the amount of money spent. The music that is included is good, but not worth the asking price. Skip it, buy the other Immersion sets instead which do have surround sound mixes, etc.