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  • Commercial Appraiser-Appraisal 310.337.1973 - Request for the galvanized wire quotation - Dear Sir or Madam: Pls kindly pass this email to your purchase manager and general manager. We will reduce your wire cost. We are the main manufacturer and exporter of steel wire in China. Our main products are: galvanized and non-galvanized steel wire (galfan also), low carbon and high carbon,soft and hard. in ASTM,EN,BS standards. application: 1. cable industry:braiding,armouring,ACSR. dia.0.2-8.0mm 2. fence and wire mesh: 0.20mm-8.0mm 3. brush industry 4. baling wire 5. steel wool Packing: rosset coils,spools,bobbins,steel stands,drums. Rgds BJ Hur

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • jose(fort worth, tx) - nice brain formula

    I have tried other memory vitamins but none have worked as well as this. I could honestly see a difference within a day or two. I have been having a hard time thinking of the right word at times and remembering what I was about to say at times and so I have been trying different supplements to try to help me. This is the one I am going to stick with. My mind is sharper and I am not searching for words anymore. I can wait for someone to finish a sentence before I talk because I won't forget what I was going to say anymore. I don't feel like I'm going downhill anymore. Very happy with this product. I just take one every morning. That's it. A lot less pills than I was taking with the other brands too. i get this at discount for my honest review!!!!.

  • R Daneel - Someone mixed up taco and sloppy joe seasonings. Yuck.

    Personally, I thought the taste of this was just a notch above horrible. It was much more like sloppy joes, but in a taco. Yuck. We always look forward to two nite around here and we've tried a lot of different seasonings. This one is by far the worst. Obviously, just one persons opinion but being from Texas, this is an embarrassment.

  • M. Brown - Entertaining but...

    Fluency was an engaging story with well developed character and plot, but at times read like a teen romance novel wrapped in a sci-fi cover. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but you should know what you're getting yourself into. This was more akin to Danielle Steel than Asimov.

  • Amazon Customer - Especially good if you change your own oil.

    I have used these oil filters on my previous vehicle and really appreciated the ease of removing the filter by using the 1 inch socket I bought specifically for this purpose. I use the filter in conjunction with the K&N drop in air filter and Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil. If you plan to keep your car, use the best products you can find. And buy them on Amazon for less.

  • John W. Middleton - Great customer service!

    I order this product for my 96 year old Mother, who swears by it. I have no idea if it works, but my high rating is for Healthy Directions, the supplier. I was confused by the order options and made a $40 mistake. They made it right and sent me the bonus 60- count bottle after I inquired. Great customer service! You will be getting our business in the future.

  • Dawn E Peters - Great Phonics Resource

    I am finding this supplementary workbook very useful to adding to the phonics program in my classroom.