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  • T. Vaughan - Super helpful

    Some of the advice is un-necessary - I have figured some stuff out in twenty years of marriage. That being said, a great deal of it was VERY helpful. I learned a lot, or reinforced a lot of information I have recently realized - that attempting to simply 'appease' my wife ends up making me seem like I'm detached and not worthy of respect, while really stepping up, and not being afraid to take charge pretty much across the board (well, NOT in the kitchen or laundry!!) is what she's sub-consciously been looking for all along. THANK YOU!!!

  • Karen Bosh - Excellent! Helps get rid of all those random night time thoughts that keep me from sleeping

    I have been using Masterbrain for about a week now and so far I am loving it. I am currently enrolled full time in an online college, I also have a full time job, and I am studying to get my NASM personal trainer certification so focus is critical. With all of this going on at the end of day I was just mentally exhausted. There are so many different books you can read and only so much information you can try to make your brain retain before your brain just wants to tap out and sleep. Since taking the Masterbrain, I can stay focused on what I am doing or reading and I am not easily distracted so I can retain more information. I am in love with the PM because with so much going on it is incredibly difficult, when I do actually lay down to sleep, to stop all of the random thoughts that pop into my head. With the Masterbrain PM I get a full nights sleep and I don't wake up feeling tired. I also love that they don't make you feel groggy the next day. You just wake up feeling great. This is not the only 1st Phorm product I have used and I am so happy that they have added this to their arsenal. Really a great product!

  • mountainDrop - Indestructible

    I bought these to replace my original mud flaps on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma, they work way better too. They are slightly shorter than the original one's, I have really put them to the test here in Lake Tahoe, Snow, Ice, mud, rocks, sand...there indestructible. Super easy install too. I highly recommend them.

  • Dman - Five Stars

    One of the best costumes out there. The daughter looked amazing and her friends all loved the dress.

  • redivy - A Great Space-Saver

    Having infant twins means having two of most things. Unfortunately I also have a small house and could not imagine two traditional high chairs in such cramped quarters. A friend had this chair for her child and I fell in love with its size and ease of use.

  • Samuel Bauter - I use this as a reference and have greatly enjoyed how it assists me in being productive with excel

    This book is an all you can eat buffet of knowledge about excel. I will warn whoever buys this that there is likely more information than you will be able to absorb. I use this as a reference and have greatly enjoyed how it assists me in being productive with excel.