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  • KERI CORBETT - Keratolux works for my Labs

    I have two Labrador retrievers. Other dog shampoos leave their fur dry and irritated. No more scratching since switching to Keratolux..... and its cheaper at than purchasing through my vet.

  • Gaming.Fit - Okay for die-hard fans of Jillian; for others, there are much better options.

    After the fiasco that was Fitness Ultimatum 2009, you might be hesitant to buy the 2010 version. I was too. I've had the game for a while now and thought I'd break out the good and the bad.

  • LD ODOM - Excellent on glass and is a window tint safe product.

    A superior product; though when using it make sure NOT to use ANY fabric softener on your cleaning rags or towels. Fabric Softener has both oil and wax in it depending on whether you're using liquid and/or dryer sheets.

  • Nathan Graham - Awesome charger

    The performance of this charger is wonderful and I think it's very safe to have two pack of them for when you can't find one, I always had one charger at home, and other one at work. It’s really convenient that I should not take from home to work or from work to home. I especially like these for my children (They use these to charge their iPhones) because they can be pretty rough on charges and charging cords. Overall happy with my purchase and will keeping using it.

  • ktstump - flimsy

    This mop is terrible! It's the equivalent of a small amount of material knotted together and tied to a stick. In fact, that's not a bad idea and I'm pretty sure it would work better. With the emotional angst taken out: it's light-weight, flimsy and doesn't accomplish its only job; cleaning a floor.

  • David - I have always wanted a wireless mouse but have tried so many and they all suck period. the g700s

    I have been playing Counter-Strike since it was just a mod and since then have tried every mouse out there. I have always wanted a wireless mouse but have tried so many and they all suck period. the g700s, g602, mamba, ouroboros, sensei wireless and many others and for those like me who play FPS seriously will notice input lag, acceleration, smoothing etc. also the others are just too damn heavy. My main mouse for the longest was a zowie EC1 but have tried all the other zowie mice as well my primary mouse until now has been a Finalmouse 2015 SE and also own the 2016 Tournament Pro which is an awesome mouse. This G900 took a little while to get fully adjusted too but once I did I found it to be absolutely amazing. anyone who tells you they notice a difference between wired and wireless on this mouse is letting there head tell them that because there is no wire. this mouse is perfection. wireless, finally light weight, 3366 sensor which is the best on the market hands down, superior build quality, best scroll wheel I have ever used, perfect clicks and the surface tuning actually works. This is Logitechs best mouse hands down even over the G502 which I did like but was too heavy in the end. Is the mouse worth the price? for serious gamers as myself absolutely. to the average gamer who plays casually maybe not so much you can stick with your current mouse. I honestly thought this mouse would disappoint just like all the other wireless mice out there and that it was all market hype until I tried it and I can tell you logitechs claims are spot on. the perfect mouse is here.

  • Robert Bevilacqua - Won't go back to plastic/urethane film protectors - Superior quality,lifetime warranty, fits iPhone 6S and 3D Touch Compatible!

    I’ve been using the plastic and newer urethane film protectors that require you to spray a water/soap solution and squeegee on for quite some time. From the protectors that cost $1 for 5 to some of the more expensive protectors, I’ve had experiences with many different variations, and I’ve gotten pretty good at applying them.The urethane protectors require you to spray the film down, then place on the phone, and carefully squeegee the solution and bubbles out, then wait a few hours to dry, then days to clear. These glass protector are instant with no dry time, you literally drop in place, press all over the screen to ensure a good seal, and it's ready to use!