Cherise Castle-Blugh Designs - Cherise Castle-Blugh creates original handmade high quality Jewellery and accessories which combines a powerful unforgettable presence with wild personal expression.

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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • gman - may help with thinning hair.....?

    i love this stuff. i originally got it from a hair stylist because she thought it might help with a thinning patch on the top of my head. not that it is a hair replacement shampoo, but that it would make your scalp healthier and therefore hair follicles happier along with the hair they grow thicker and stronger. I didn't have dandruff before, but i did get some intermittent itching, but since starting to use this shampoo that has all but stopped. my wife actually started using it to clean her hair after she ran out of her own shampoo. she felt like it was able to clean all the buildup from other shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products she uses on a regular basis. she liked it so much we got this large bottle so both of us can use it. so far so good, and i will say it seems that less hair falls out as well

  • Brian L. Seekford - Worked well for electronics but doesn't let you plug into the matrix.

    Reasonably priced and met my needs. I tried to use them to connect myself to the TV matrix style, but that did not work. Apparently only things like fire tvs, xbox's, dvr's and other so called "electronics" are able to use them.

  • Andrew - Blade was nicked out of the box....

    The built in depth measurement on the front is essentially worthless, which is a trend among low cost thickness planers. First board I ran through it had two long intentions down the middle of the board, so I ran a few more through...Same thing! After searching the symptoms online I unscrewed the blade-guard and found the blade had two sizable nicks in it. A brand new never used planer had a blade with two nicks in it. So I flipped the blade over and problem solved, it does okay, however I have to adjust it constantly to get a truly even cut.

  • MizJones - Very Reliable, Convenient

    I ordered this one to replace my previous unit, which lasted about 2 years. I have horrible back pain and don't want to go back on the pain meds (nothing, I mean NOTHING is worse than opiates) so this has become my go-to remedy. Every evening after working outside on the property most of the day, I slap on the pads and wear this while making dinner and tending to the animals. It's a life saver. I tried the more expensive ones but the units are too large to carry around. This thing hooks onto my belt or jeans pocket, very convenient.