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  • Raffaello Zucco - Unpolished software with horrible business practices

    We purchased this package for our company as some of the graphic icons and libraries look nice. However, the software itself is clumsy and unrefined, but nothing you can't get around to.

  • Fran - A Tale of Two Brothers

    In the early 20th Century, circus popularity was in its heyday. Bounty hunters known as freak hunters scoured the country including the backwoods looking for "curiosities" to transform into side show attractions. In 1899, George and Willie Muse, 9 years and 6 years respectively were working from daylight to dusk removing bugs from tobacco leaves in Truevine,Virginia. The Muse family were sharecroppers on a tobacco farm in the Jim Crow South. Enter Candy Shelton, bounty hunter. George and Willie, black albino brothers living in poverty, were kidnapped and spent years as side show attractions.

  • Diane - Too sweet!

    As some other reviewers mentioned, this powder is super fine but sickeningly sweet. I ordered two cannisters and unfortunately cannot stand to consume this stuff any more. I liked the somewhat earthy taste of VegaOne and will probably go back to that, or try a new powder. I'm not normally so sensitive to fake sweeteners, but something about this one makes me sick.

  • Marie McClellan - Just ok

    Decided to try this before investing in something like Rosetta stone. It's ok. But the lessons are an odd mix.

  • A. Owens - Great natural formula

    Thermofit really is a fantastic combination for weight loss. You have Capsicum to increase your energy output to burn more calories as well as suppress your appetite, Acai Berry extract, Rasberry Keytones, Vitamin B12, Chromium, Guarana Seed Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and more! The best thing to ask yourself is whether you think all of these extracts work or not. Do your research. If you think you believe the research, then try the Thermofit. Not everyone responds the exact same way to any given supplement, so some people will see better results than others. That's just the nature of our personal body chemistry being so unique and different from one another. For me personally, I have lost weight with it (7lbs in a month and I was already of average weight, not overweight) I'm more impressed with the energy it gives me during the day when I take it. As a mother of four young kids, I'm ready to fall asleep on the couch at 2pm every day. When I'm taking Thermofit, I NEVER feel the need for a nap and I forget what fatigue feels like, honestly! It can be life changing if you tend to be fatigued every day.

  • Smartbuyer4 - Good supplement to include in your daily vitamin regimen

    I've been taking this supplement for about 1.5 weeks now as part of my daily vitamin regime. Anything that can provide antioxidant, energy and brain support is something I'm always interested in. Personally I ordered because of the ingredients included like the natural Eleuthero root, Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa monnieri and Ashwagandha root extract among others - I sometimes use them but have never tried together. When I mentioned it to my husband he also started to use and likes it so much he's dispensed the remaining into his daily vitamin organizer. He said it makes him feel calmer and he noticed he's less forgetful and has not experienced any stomach discomfort. My husband is very health conscious and refrains from taking any pills unless necessary so for him to like this is a big deal to me. Thumbs up in my book of good supplements to buy. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. There are no incentives for giving a five star or positive review, I value transparency in my reviews and responses, as I too, base my decision heavily on purchasing online products with other real and true customer reviews and ratings. If this review helped you in any way with your purchase please hit the helpful button.