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  • A. Pappas - Horrible band design makes this light activity tracker sooooo easy to lose!

    My husband and I pre-ordered the moov now. I have been wearing it constantly for about two months. As others have mentioned, the band is just horrible. Not only does the device slip out easily, but the band itself does not stay fastened well. The device has slipped off our our wrists several times but we have been able to find them after spending copious amounts of time searching. Today, though, will be my last time as I lost the moov now (device + wristband) in public.

  • product reviewer - groganics hair gro-n-wild

    i was expecting a more nutrient based product, basically this product feels like running vasoline with mint through your hair.

  • s.dan - GREAT PRODUCT

    Love this product. I'm of african heritage and have relaxed hair which I coloured Last year February for the 1st time, Even before the colour my hair was always dry and my ends were always frizzy . After using this product the improvement on my hair was soo great that the next time i went to see ny hairdresser she asked me to get some for her, too. Never going back to Shampoo AGAIN.

  • cosmopath - Saved my life

    I used to be a shy, unattractive man who was over 100lbs overweight. I was stuck in a dark place, all alone with nothing to do. Then I heard Corey Feldman's masterpiece of an album Angelic 2 the Core, and it motivated me. I cruised around the city in my hot pink 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and blasted this album non stop, and it attracted all of the females. Now I have a wife, eighteen and a half kids, and Fred Durst as a best friend. My life got back in order lickety splickety. Thank you Corey.