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  • Susanne - A Giant Success

    I find Billy Bob repulsive and attractive at the same time. He's an unlikely movie star but an unquestionably talented storyteller. I was drawn to this show but determined not to like it. Verdict: I finished the first season in three days and give it four stars. I don't have any legal background, so I didn't pick up on any errors in that regard. The only real mistake I caught was when Karl Stoltz described Rachel as being 30 years old!? I look forward to a second season if the material is of the same caliber. It's hard to imagine what would become of these characters. Maybe some would be wiped altogether to make way for a new story line.

  • Karen L. Shaw - Product did not Straighten Hair

    I have very think coase hair and this product did nothing to my hair, since my hair is super long I used two kits. I followed the instructions and left the product in longer than the 25 minutes it recommends. No change in my hair. If anyone knows of a better product, please comment.

  • Bmeckel - A wonderful read!

    I can't tell you how immensely I enjoyed Dan's book. I already look forward to seeing know I know in my inbox each morning, so to have a whole collection of new ones was just fantastic. Each one leads in to the next, and though I was unsure if a book form would work, Dan proved that he knew what he was doing, because the book is simply fantastic. Great job Dan!

  • MamaRoche - Very insightful

    I like this book a lot. I have suffered my entire life with eczema, allergies and asthma and have been tested over and over again to determine my triggers. each time, there are always new triggers or old ones that crop back up. I do have some consistent allergies that have persisted my whole life (animal dander, pollen, dust, mold, etc) but i have never found relief for eczema. I was told I "grew out of" my food allergies so it was impossible to still connect those foods to my eczema problems.

  • Desert Doll - Not for me

    I tried my best to stick with this product. Even after blending it with fruit,yogurt, and soy milk it did not satisfy my hunger at all. I even tried drinking a full glass of water afterwards, just to be starving 30 minutes later. I rated it 2 stars because it tastes good and comes with flavor packets.

  • badreligion9265 - RIP Blizzard

    Well it began with sc2 and now the nail is in the coffin. I will never purchase another blizzard game after my most recent experiences. Diablo 3 has horrible end game content and its only priority is to milk money out of the consumer. Its clear that when developing this game blizzard/activision had the interests of their investors as top priority and not those of the gamers.

  • Nvisioned - Warm Me Up !!

    I think I like it. Certainly helps give a warm and tingling feeling which makes me think it is working. There is a scent to it but I wouldn't say it is a bad one. Not something you can be discreet with. Also doesn't dry fast at all so keep in mind when you choose the location and the clothes you are wearing.