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  • Koehler - Was skeptical, then worried.....then AMAZED!!!

    Amazing! Wonderful! I moved out of state and have not found a new colorist, so I decided to try eSalon. I filled out the profile and questionnaire and uploaded two photos- one current and one from my last color. I wanted to go darker with violet undertones. I received an email back from customer support saying they recommended, and mixed, a different shade based on what my pics were. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed after reading this but I am surely not a professional colorist either. The kit arrived quickly; it was well packaged and was personalized with my name, color, etc.. It was really nice to see a very personal approach from an online company! I applied the colored and it was so purple I was so very worried! I rinsed it, dried my hair (followed all of the instructions to the letter) which by the way, were very different than box color!!! I Love it!!! I'm not sure that I've ever been happier with my hair color. It's like my stylist came to my house out-of-state and did what she always did with my hair. I highly recommend this company and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you're happy.

  • Jami Skinner - Dont buy this it's not brookstone sand

    This is not brookstone sand. It's just kinetic sand and they put it in a cheap plastic bag, then charged the price of brookstone sand. I don't appreciate being deceived.

  • Donnie Gladfelter - My choice AutoCAD Civil 3D curriculum.

    As an employee of an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, I've used many curriculums over the years to provide AutoCAD Civil 3D training. The depth of Civil 3D presents many curriculum development challenges; finding a way to introduce topics in a way readers will not just learn to use individual tools/commands, but also learn how they tie into the workflows necessary to use Civil 3D effectively.

  • S. Masters - One of the best cold sore medicines available.

    I've been using Abreva for about 6 years now. There has been ups and downs, but overall Abreva is one of the best treatments for cold sores. Over the years, I've tried a couple of other topical creams, but all of them have failed or made it worse. Products such as Lysine+, Carmex, Blistex, Chapstick or any other lip balm type creams that claim to heal or help cold sores do not work for me. (You never want to use a product that doesn't eventually dry. Keeping the cold sore wet will just make it worse and risk spreading it to other areas.)

  • Thomas - Gone to the dogs! and the story keeps getting 'better'!

    Amazon was fine, but I despise Quickens upgrade process/policy. I was offered an upgrade from inside the product which was more than the cost to upgrade via Amazon. Once I managed to find the nearly impossible phone number - They really want you to use their online support so they don't actually have to support you - I called Quicken to report the fact that I thought this was very misleading and a form of taking advantage of it's customers that like myself assume the manufacturers upgrade offer presented in the application was the best way to upgrade. Of course their crack team of off-shore support did nothing. I'm not sure they even understood my issue since they couldn't look it up in a knowledge base article. Luckily, I came across the better price from Amazon. On top of it all, after upgrading, my initial withdrawals were credited as deposits, and my deposits as withdrawals. After their 0 star performance on my original issue, I decided to avoid the pain of calling again, and was eventually able to set the accounts back up and get everything working again. My next upgrade will be to a new product.