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  • Donnie - great bat

    Excellent bat. Has great pop. my daughter only used it a couple times at practice so far and she loves it. She's 13 and hit it to the fence yesterday. when she gets used to it even better she we'll be knocking it over the fence. great service too.

  • L Keegan Maine - replaced by nice soft skin

    I started using this product about 1 month ago. Within a week of using it in the morning and at night, my feet were thanking me. The cracked heels were gone, replaced by nice soft skin. I liked it so much I shared it with my mother and she has reported the same results as me...nice feet. I have tried several other store brands, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING worked like this stuff!

  • Mike Cummins - Make life easier...

    The product is straightforward, allow your BOB to accept your Chicco car seat without having to move sleeping baby [or non sleeping baby]. Appreciate the flexibility of the Chicco system as we also own the 11 pound aluminum Chicco infant seat stroller frame for light duty stuff.

  • Morgan Eaton - Drop the apricot scrub and try the green tea version instead!

    I've used this product regularly for a long time. The exfoliation is effective and it smells great, but the grain can be a little too gritty for my face, in my opinion. I tried other options, but there would either be too much or too little grit or it would smell awful, so I settled. Recently, I started noticing that it seemed like this scrub had started not only exfoliating, but lightly scratching my skin, which wouldn't be as noticeable on, say, my arms or legs, but was kind of uncomfortable on my face. I recently purchased the green tea version of their scrub after seeing a review online, and the grain is MUCH finer, which made it feel more effective but also gentler. It also smelled amazing! As long as I can find the green tea version, I will be buying it instead of the traditional apricot.