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  • Steve Craig - Super well thought out and well made.

    This is how I would have designed a battery box-- like a truck. It's made for the real world, super tough, with many important features built in.

  • Patricia Schroeder - LOVE this clock.

    I bought this for my son when he was 2. He liked to wake up early, but his room was baby proofed, so he could play in his room for an hour and be ok. I set the alarm for 8am, and he immediately understood. He LOVES the design (he's huge into cars) and you don't have to have an audible alarm, so if your early riser sleeps late, it won't wake them up. My son is 6 now, he still love it. He's still an early riser, so now the color changes when he can get up for school. Next year, I plan to start setting the beep so he can start getting used to getting up on his own. I have another boy that I'm going to buy another for right now.

  • avid rita - Good for quick mop touch ups.

    Convenient and effective for a quick mop. I have to change the moistened pad frequently when mopping floors, it picks up so much that it is gross. Maybe that's just me. I feel a little environmentally inconsiderate about using so many of the darned things and chucking them in the trash, so i don't use them except for quick mops.

  • Bryan G. - A must have in any athletes gym bag!

    These knee sleeves are fantastic, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about exercise, or is experiencing knee pain. The size chart that Mava offers works very well, after measuring the circumference of my knee, I ordered the appropriate size sleeve and the fit feels perfect. After a few weeks of use, I can say that these sleeves appear very durable and will last me quite a while. They are reinforced in the right places, as to not cause chaffing or any uncomfortable areas. There is very good support, but they still allow for a full range of motion in knee flexion and extension. I use them for my warm ups, to give me knee some stability, but also to bring blood flow to my knee for a better and safer workout. When I squat heavy, or squat frequently and repetitively during a workout I will slip these on and my knee will stay comfortable and supported even when they are fatigued. I am able to get more out of every workout this these sleeves.. Not to mention they are very simple to take on and off.

  • R. Blalock - The flowershop commercial is a big red flag

    Anyone with any notion of IT security knows you don't let a stranger walk in to your business, access a business computer and load software on it. I realize this is a dramatization but that right there tells me all I need to know. Stay away it's a scam.

  • npenn - It's Called Common Sense, Not a Miracle Product

    This product is ridiculous. First of all, every teen is going to act out in some way, so get used to it. Teens are confused and angry and have no idea why. That's called puberty and growing up. Yes, your child is going to tell you they hate you and they're going to scream at you. There's no way in preventing this unless you let them do whatever they want. When I was a teenager, I frequently told my mother that I wished I she were dead or would run away to a different country. It's not that I actually hated her, I was just frustrated and annoyed. Parents, trust me when I say this, you do not need to spend $150 on some "miracle" counseling booklet and CDs. If your child doesn't hate you at some point, you're doing something wrong. In the future, I'll be glad when my child tells me they hate me, because it means that I'm actually disciplining them. So toughen up and be a responsible adult. You don't need counseling, you need time for your children to grow out of it.

  • Robin B. Grinnell - Most comfortable

    This is the best, most comfortable chin strap I've ever used. Very comfortable and solved my problem. I would recommend this to anyone who has issues with snoring!