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  • meltingdew - Not temporary, damages hair

    I used this dye as part of a costume. I have naturally mousy brown hair that's fine and silky. Here's what happened:

  • Erika - Really clean!

    This floss tastes great! I think the Orange is my favorite flavor! Also, it's a great texture and seems to really clean between my teeth far better than drug store brands. It also has a handy measurer to estimate how long the floss lasts (I think it's supposed to last an average person 60 days, but I definitely get more use out of it)! It has revolutionized my flossing habits, I like this stuff so much I actually use it everyday!

  • Claudine Lippert - Great for French cuisine

    Great for beef bourguignon and many other French dishes. The size is great for cooking large quantities of a great variety of food.

  • Will C. - Excellent car (thus far) after buying it 9 months ago

    Excellent car (thus far) after buying it 9 months ago. No issues at all and have been on a couple of road trips with it. Just got the base model (no bells/whistles, 1.4L turbo). Out the door for about $15,700, can't beat that. VW may have gotten in trouble for the emissions thing, but I'll take the savings.

  • Periwinkle - Positive Review

    Easy to use and understand and goes along with textbook. I would recommend this workbook for coding and billing professionals.

  • K. Lopshire - Great story, actors, graphics

    "2012" is one of my favorite natural disaster/end of the world type movies. This movie has great actors (I love John Cusack) and the graphics are done very well. I've watched a lot of movies like this and you can definitely tell the difference when the disaster scenes are cheaply done. The scenes in this movie are eerily realistic. The story follows several characters in different places and situations, but even the characters not in the main story line are well-developed so you really feel for them and what they're experiencing. This is definitely an action movie, but it's peppered with romance, comedy and suspense, and includes those moments of uneasiness you get in a horror film.