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  • Kim Viola - Love it.

    I really love this product. I use essential oils for aromatherapy and topical application. This oil smells great and is effective. I used it in several different ways and have been happy with results. I love lavender oil so much that I go through these bottles fast. I use it in home-made cleaning solutions, topically to reduce inflammation, and in my diffusers nearly every day. It is especially good for soothing irritated skin and for applying to bug bites to stop the itch. We also like to use it in a homemade body spray and recently made a pillow mist for bedtime relaxation. I would definitely purchase from them this seller again.

  • Amazon Customer - Good little camera

    Good little camera! Works well; just doesn't seem very durable. I have had no problems with it at all though---Just wouldn't want to drop it!

  • Nik Willmore - It's cheap and it works perfectly.

    Boric acid is known to be the best roach poison for truly roach infested situations in which you know where they might walk and thus over time pick up some boric acid powder. But if you have a sudden outbreak, or a growing situation that you tried to ignore but can non longer do so, like I did, this stuff is magic. Does it contain boric acid? it contain Firpronil, a truly knarly looking molecule, which a bit of research indicates is a slow acting poison that allows roaches to indeed, like boric acid, return to their roach colony and nuke the others. That's why there are so many reviews online about this product not acting immediately enough to provide an immediate sense of victory. I did not find that it stained my varnished wood floors at all. It comes out as a fluid paste and then turns into a dry putty-like substance. My cat walked over it a few times in a place I of course didn't expect him to walk but he did, and the long line of it I had placed along the wall behind the folding chairs was not disturbed by his attempt to poison himself. Further research indicates it is not toxic to pets. If you have much worse roach problems, just mix boric acid with table scraps and stick it where pets can't get to it. If that sounds like a massive hassle, like it did to me in NYC, with my first major roach family squatters, then nuke with this stuff instead. Back when I was a student though, I found one variation of RAID that actually made them flip over and die, on demand. Not sure if they sell that version any more. I hope they do.

  • WearyTraveler - There is something to this

    Not many supplements actually make a measurable difference in the way I feel, but this one seems to help dry up postprandial congestion. BTW you can buy the same ingredients separately to make a cheaper supplement, but have I not tried it to see if the effect is the same. This one may be worth a try for you.

  • meltingdew - The best there is.

    I got a brand new rescue dog who hadn't been house trained. She only had a couple of accidents, but I knew I couldn't let her smell them or think the floor was an acceptable place to go potty. Luckily, a friend had told me about Nature's Miracle. After I used it on the floor, she never sniffed the area or went potty there again.

  • MBKR - Be prepared to hunt

    If you've ever installed Quickbooks before, you know that there is a sticker inside the box with a license number and a product number. Well in this box the sticker has only a license number. Since both numbers are still required to install the software this means hunting the web, and possibly a call to intuit customer service (with all the hold time that involves) to get the necessary info that should have been in the packaging to begin with. If I can get the software to install I may review the new version of Quickbooks, but thus far all I can review is the documentation (or lack therof).

  • puket3 - Yup!! A MUST HAVE for emergencies, camping, work and I bet a million other times and places!

    So we went camping and "surprised" my parents in their motor home a couple days early which lent to a late dinner the first night at the campground. Given they had lived in their motor home who would have thought they didn't have candles or an outdoor light for the picnic table? Certainly not me! I had ordered this, knowing it would arrive after I had left for my trip, but not knowing how much we were going to need it! My son picked it up off my front porch, literally handed me the unopened box while we were toasting marshmallows. Luckily it arrived charged, and it was passed all around the campfire for everyone to inspect -and try to figure out how to use. Oh, and it was dropped twice. Remember, it was dark. So I would have to say it is simple to use, the magnets were quickly discovered -handy and strong little things. And the light must be quite hardy, given when it was dropped the ground wasn't exactly soft. Trust me. I slept on it. The hooks for hanging were my son's favorite part. The light, if anything, is almost too bright, so be careful about shining it towards people's faces. We did have trouble using it as a lantern when the flashlight part was facing downward, it would slowly collapse. Eventually, after using it for a few days that wasn't as much of a problem. The weather was nice, so I haven't had a chance to test the water-resistance, if it proves not to be satisfactory I will update my review in the future, however given the quality of the product so far I doubt that that will be the case. I hope you find this review helpful, at least as helpful as we found this light to be! This is a great product and most definitely won over my fellow campers, if only we had had it on that first UPDATE: light continues to be of great use, almost daily, whether it be to look for our "lost" kittens or to check and see how clean the chimney is (straight up 150' +) after sweeping). I keep it handy, and make certain anyone who touches it puts it back so it never gets misplaced (again -that first time was a doozy). We have used this light for almost two months now, dropped it more times than I care to admit so I can vouch for its durability, but still cannot speak to its waterproofness. Don't think twice or even hesitate, this light is AWESOME!!!!