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  • RubyProgrammer - Awesome hair pic

    Awesome hair pic. Fits the Xtava hair dryer (sold here on Amazon) perfectly. I have mixed race very curly hair so these two products together gets my hair super straight. I do follow up with w/ a flat iron because I don't care for the round brush method. Awesome sauce!

  • Michael Berding - Yay mute buttons!

    Just had an extended power outage and this unit worked exactly as I expected it to. I have a mac mini + 3 LCD displays and a few accessories. Probably would have lasted over a half hour if I really drained it down, but I shut it down after about 10 minutes. The LCD screen on the unit is very nice, and the mute button works!


    These are the "sticky paper" that goes on the outside of the machine. It catches so many mosquitoes that I have to replace them every 24 hours. They may seem a little expensive but AMAZON.COM has the lowest price and they are worth the cost.

  • stenUSMC - Why do I not have the next book in the series yet?

    You know, I'm glad I got a Kindle way-back-when, and I'm glad that authors and 'wanna-be' authors jumped on the self-publishing bandwagon to try to live the dream. There are some really bad books available, which is to be expected, and I am really happy to say that this is NOT one of them. It is worth getting and discarding books that can't be finished (due to editing errors or poor writing - sometimes the book description is the only good thing about the book) in order to run across a gem such as "Stiger's Tigers".