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  • MetengagE - My Son Wanted A Guitar For His Birthday...

    So I thought this would be the best way for him to remain engaged in learning. I bought him an elite Casio keyboard for his birthday a few years ago, but it mostly collects dust as a shelf in his room. So you can see why I was hesitant to just buy him a guitar to plunk around with. This was to be a compromise, as he loves playing games on the Xbox. He plays the cello in school and already has a decent understanding of reading music, so this was easy for him to pick up. However, I believe anyone - with or without music experience - could pick this up and start from scratch. They guarantee you'll be playing guitar within 60 days, and the musicians who endorse Rocksmith are heavy-hitters from bands that I listen to. This is a must-have for parents with kids who aspire to be in a band someday, as well as adults who wished they had the opportunity to learn when they were younger.

  • Blackwolf - Just as nice as last two box sets, but no Bluray/DVD audio

    I thoroughly enjoyed the last two Immersion sets, particularly the 5.1 mixes. For some reason, this set didn't include a 5.1 mix. Only a single unimpressive DVD disc containing a couple of music videos and a short documentary. On the plus side, the 2011 remastered discs sound excellent. I haven't listened to the live discs yet. Discs 5 and 6 contains compelling demos, listening to them gives a completely different perspective of the album.

  • Kelli Rubin - My new favorite!

    This protein powder is amazing and the best flavor I have had! I'm not chocolate anything fan, and this vanilla is delicious! Wish the tub was filled more but this is pretty typical for protein powers.

  • LauraRN713 - Horrible!

    This is horrible. I will never purchase it again. I have Organza color. Goes on blotchy no matter what I use to apply it. It makes my pores stand out even MORE. It feels heavy on and is just terrible all round. I ended up having to put another foundation over it. Doesn't cover well at all.