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  • Griffilicious - Powerful but *CHECK COMPATIBILITY FIRST*

    I bought this over the 6700k because I edit video in addition to gaming. The 6700k is cheaper, but the 6 cores of the 6800k is well worth it and the newer architecture is great peace of mind for future-proofing.

  • Kay Weiss - I'm so happy!!

    I have been oil pulling for 3 or 4 months (with coconut oil, btw) and the real test of its effectiveness was my visit to the periodontist yesterday. Normally my scalings (which I have every 4-5 months) take about 45 minutes. This visit took 10-15 minutes because there was so much less tartar and inflammation to my gums. The numbers on my charting (they use a probe to measure how deep the pocket is that's between each individual tooth and the gums) was also much improved. I'm sending the dentist a copy of the book. I'm so happy!!

  • Nathan Adams - Completely satisfied. Shipping was estimated at over a week

    Completely satisfied. Shipping was estimated at over a week, but it arrived in three days. The quality of the tail light seems better than the original. Installation was very easy. Below are a few notes.

  • Jill Clardy - Comprehensive & Thorough Guide to Using Excel - Not for Novices !

    At 1,006 pages, 90 of which are Appendices and Index, the Excel Bible is the most comprehensive Excel 2010 resource you will find. Though the author claims in the Introduction that the book is for beginning, intermediate and advanced users, there are other, more visually oriented full-color guides that would ease the adoption of Excel by beginners.

  • Stephanie J - Not compatible with click connect.

    This car seat is not compatible with graco click connect car seats although it says it is. It probably works with classic connect. My clip connect 35 will not work. Requested return options.