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  • ScaryLibrary - More watery compared to years before

    I first discovered this shampoo about 12 years ago from my hairdresser. The scent is really amazing. It truly is the best-smelling shampoo I've ever found. It also makes my hair full and leaves it clean. When I saw it listed on Amazon I was excited and ordered the biggest bottle available. The shampoo still smells the same, however it is much more watery than when I used to buy it from my salon 12 years ago. I suspect this is purposeful and a way from the company to make more money, but I was disappointed. Not cool, Paul Mitchell.

  • Matthew J. Liptak - Set up was a bit complicated with a Fios Router but once it was up and running it blasts out a nice signal throughout the house

    Bought this item because I was sick of dead zones throughout the house my WiFi range extender just was not getting it done. This item is a bit pricey but it looked like it would be worth having Tri-Band throughout the house. The set up started off easy but this is not a plug and play item with a Fios Quantum high speed router. Sure you can plug it into the router and you will see a signal and it will start to play nice but what happens is it conflicts with the Fios WiFi signal and you will have to go hunting around the web to find a forum post showing just how to turn off your Fios WiFi signal and set up Orbi to take over as your primary WiFi signal. After finagling with the admin settings for both, I got it working and now it is up and running. It does blast a pretty strong signal throughout the entire house except it won't reach my camera on my garage so I had to reinstall my WiFi extender for that device. I have noticed a few drops here and there in the signal but in all this seems like it will work great and eventually I can add more satellite units throughout the house if needed.