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  • honeybobobear - MAN O MAN LET ME TELL YOU HWHAT

    Well I hope amazon doesnt flag this because it will be the best review yet. So I bought this solely to get rid of my hair downstairs... Im a male and I cannot stand the thought of shaving with a razor or electric shaver down there. It is way to scary and im kind of squeamish and clumsy so one nick and I could be sterile or worse... Anyways i used it from the neck down to the gooch and waited about 10 minutes... Started rubbing off and boy it smells like burnt plastic and hair. So i figured it was working and sure enough hairballs start hitting me in the face. You have to watch out because I had a few problem areas that i reapplied and that was a terrible mistake. Im guessing sinse the area was already sensitive that the formula, which is very volatile already, burned like wild fire. I waited only a bit the second time because i felt I could possibly internally combust at any second. Hopped in the shower with cold water and still had a razor burn feeling for the rest of the night. Lotioned up to try and soothe the skin with little help. Im still dealing with what seems to be razor bumps but they are going away after a week. It only burned that one day and i think with the way i used it, i shot myself in the foot. Try to be as gentle as possible when rubbing it off and id wait 12-15 minutes to make sure the hair comes off easily... Lots of warnings if you have sensitive skin and it says not to use it like i did but hey I GOT BABY SMOOTH SKIN DOWN THERE AND ALL THE WOMEN IN MY DREAMS LOVE IT... I Give it 5 stars because man I would do it a hundred times over instead of putting one of those pecker scrapers down there.

  • O. Nemeth - Interesting concept with unexpected features.

    The umbrella opens the opposite way that you'd think - this means that when you close it up, the water stays on the INSIDE of the umbrella and the spokes point up towards the tip, not down towards the handle. The spokes form a kind of stand to allow the water to drain. While I feel the umbrella could be slightly larger (comfortable only for one person), this would also mean the umbrella gets much longer as well. The plastic handle feels solid and nothing really feels like it will break any time soon.

  • Agustin Roggio - Three Stars

    The fit was not perfectly tight, speciallu the part that surrounds the buttons and the lighting port

  • Kenneth Hudak - Horn helps people like me see what that trouble looks like

    I have finally been able to read this book cover to cover and will keep it handy as a reference and resource tool.

  • Jenna Johnson - Disappointing

    I have both the 2012 and 2013 editions (the 2nd was a gift). The bottom line is that there is no real functional difference between the two despite any changes that were made. It is the same book, slightly different. Here is my complaint: this book has quite a few "editors" and "contributors" who seem to be medical students. Great class project and all, but the lack of editing shows a lack of concern from Le, Bhushan, and Hofmann for the quality of the finished product. For example, 2012 had such a list of errata it is hard to believe that anyone checked any facts before printing and selling the product. Although 2013 seems to have fewer errors, it has reprinted some of the exact same ones from 2012! No one even checked the previous errata list? I mean, it was really long and all, but they are asking for more money from us, right?

  • Christopher Culver - Original, fresh, and the beginning of Massive Attack's power

    Released in 1990, BLUE LINES was the first LP by Massive Attack, a trio from Bristol that had colloborated together before, with others, as the Wild Bunch. The nine tracks of BLUE LINES hit contemporary music in the gut, creating a new style that was more melodic than hip-hop but still retaining a beat. Combining the soulful singing of Shara Nelson, the rapping of Grant Marshall and Robert Del Naja, and the reggae crooning of Horace Andy, this album was something new and exciting.

  • Eman - Ok but has issues.

    I have this program on 2 machines. Shared , I run windows xp 32 bit on both machines. The program seems to work as intended. It does have a problem with Outlook Sync as it does not auto attach as it should some emails and I have to attach them manualy.