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  • elsupa - Love this box and the customer service!

    I love this box, and I especially love the customer service.This box is faster and has more memory than my other streaming box that I paid $300 for, which had NO customer service! Before this box arrived I received an email from Element giving 3 short YouTubes for easy set up, and it was a cinch.It didn't come with Phoenix and I knew it was part of Kodi, so I went on their site "" and reached a person for chat in a few minutes.He gave me a website with easy instructions to add it, but my box froze. I went back to the site and initiated another chat, and he took my box over and corrected it and added Phoenix. Everything about this box is so easy compared to others! I will say that the remote confused me because there are no keys for movie control such as rewind, pause, etc. If you press the OK button it brings a bar up at the bottom of the movie with that info, and you toggle around the OK button to rewind,etc. I also bought the mini keyboard and that will make things easier. This company seems to care about their equipment and service. It felt great to cancel my cable company today...I finally cut that cord with confidence!

  • Amazon Customer - If what the authors wrote is completely true then we are heading into the worst times of civilization

    Long, thoroughly documented, fascinating and scary! If what the authors wrote is completely true then we are heading into the worst times of civilization...ever! That being said, there is always the chance that the plot of those who would rule the world may still be a ways off. Time will tell. The very fact that this great country was not set up as a Christian nation, but rather as a "new Atlantis" so to speak and that to the end to bring in the reign of the Antichrist should be enough for everyone to do double takes on what they believe.

  • T.P. - Pleasantly Surprised!

    Received this product earlier than expected...actually 10 days early. The gas cover is made out of a quality metal. I didn't want shiny bolts so I sprayed bed liner in an empty water bottle and used a q-tip to apply the paint to the bolts which turned them black and hopefully will help them not rust. The installation of the has cap was straight forward and the gas cap installed very close to the body and no space between the gas cap and the body of the Jeep.

  • A. Audrey - Dangerous for dogs!

    I cannot speak to the effectiveness of this collar (whether it actually kills and keeps away the fleas), but I can tell you that this collar made my dog sick. I bought it for him and then left for about 5 days. My roommate was watching him while I was gone and called me to say that he was acting really weird- kinda lethargic and depressed. She thought maybe he just missed me, so I didn't think much of it. I got home two days after that, and he was very slow and was barely moving. This is a dog who hardly even takes naps during the day because he has so much energy. The vet was closed, so I did some research and found out that these collars (especially the Hartz brand) can sometimes make dogs very sick or even kill them. DO NO BUY THIS COLLAR.

  • Brett - I love this Camera.

    Very nice my daughter is really pleased with it,the camera got a parts like the battrey cover that if got handaled with care will shap off dont thick it whould last to long if used a lot.but service good