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  • Robert Benton - Worst Release Ever

    Do not upgrade to this release. I have been an Quicken user for 15 years. I am no longer because this version has basically ruined my data. It is no unusable. In fact I can't ever reload the 2012 version and get it to run on my laptop. I have been corresponding with Support for the last 5 days and they can't even help me.

  • AustenD. - Full of great, helpful information

    Full of great, helpful information, including history of investing, advice from master investors, and specific strategies. Written in a delightful and very fun style. Wonderful introduction to the subject. The only thing I wish it included was a glossary of terms to remind myself what certain technical words mean. A delight to read, and learned very much!

  • Christine M. - Super hero fleas and krytomite

    Either I have super hero fleas or this product is building immunity up in fleas as it did not even cut down on what I was dealing with. at this juncture, my animals, who have never had fleas before in their ten years, are being bathed every other day in something called adams flea shampoo, along with adams flea spray on the carpets. my house stinks like a chemical plant but I am finally seeing a reduction in fleas. Shoulda saved the 50 bucks from the flea busters.

  • pheelyne - decent

    a nice fine grade scrub that makes my skin feel soft after use. I have cystic acne, so I had no high hopes that this would help that greatly, but it definitely has a spa quality to it.

  • mrmertz - Defective From The Get Go

    Flame away, but when you spend good money for a product that is defective right out of the box, no excuses. The MOBO refuses to recognize ANY RAM sticks no matter how any different swaps you make from the right back over to the left side. BIOS won't even acknowledge there are even slots with RAM to the left of the CPU at all either. No errors, just no RAM will be recognized on the first four banks. Eliminated bad RAM, running latest BIOS installed - nothing. Shows 8GB when it should out of the box show 16GB. Obviously this board is having teething pains. order a replacement board through Amazon so we will see how this one works. If it does what it's supposed to do, I think it has great potential particularly for overclocking and stability. But for now, throwing good money out for a defect just doesn't cut it no matter how good the board is SUPPOSED to be. What good is the hype if it doesn't work? This is just my experience with this one particular board. Maybe another might change my mind.