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  • AngieV - Works great to strenghten abs but won't produce a "magical" six pack

    I bought the product when it first came on the market. I was skeptical at first, considering I ordered it after dealing with a night of insomnia :-). I'm an avid excerciser and I purchased the product in hopes of getting the six pack abs I always wanted. I found that the product is great at strenghtening the abs. After reaching the highest level, I had the ability to physically work out my abs a lot longer than I was before. Diet and excercise is always key to achieving your fitness goals. This product, in my opinion, is a great tool to get the strength you need to do ab work.

  • Amanda B. - Awesome coffee

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coffee!!! It doesn't give me an acid stomach and it tastes great!!! My husband calls it the "happy coffee" for the way it makes us feel when we drink it. Good job!

  • Billa C. Kelley - Well designed

    Awesome case for the iPhone 7. After received the iPhone 7 I put this case on and it's a great fit and goes well with the black colors. It's a perfect addition to the phone and for the price. The case snaps on easily and doesn't obstruct any buttons or ports. Perfectly designed for iPhone 7. All features I experienced with this case really awesome and qualified.

  • Susan McCauley/Susan McCauley - The Missing Manual

    This item was purchased per request from someone in the department. I will assuem they were satisfied. I am the person who does the ordering for the department, not the peson using the item

  • Fred - It is far more than just vitamins

    I've bought and used this stuff for some time. However, I went and looked at the users who have rated this poorly here and am astounding with the comments. The most common: "It tasted bad". Well duh, it's not a fruit drink. "It didn't give me energy". Well duh, it's NOT speed. "It was very expensive for vitamins". And here's the crux, it is not just vitamins. This is a also an amino acid blend with a boat load of trace minerals that you don't get in any other supplements. That's why this is expensive. It's the trace minerals. And finally, I see comments that Joel Wallach is a quack and not a real doctor; that he's just a veterinarian. He has degrees in animal husbandry, agriculture, is a veterinarian, and says hes degreed from a Naturopathic school. That's more education than 99.99% of you people LOL. so yeah, go ahead back to your fluoride water, your BPA and hormone additives, your antibiotic tainted meats... I'll stick with Wallach's supplement before I stick with any of your diets.

  • Daniel S. Stackhouse, Jr., Ph.D. - Critical, but fair.

    I did not vote for the President, but I personally like him. This documentary helped me understand why. He clearly has been influenced by his father in terms of radical (and I do mean RADICAL) politics, but he is completely unlike his womanizing, irresponsible father in the way he conducts his personal life. "2016" revealed what lies at Mr. Obama's core.