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  • Sonoma Lady - Great Product! It Works!

    Just a great product! I use this in the mornings, & after a few minutes I can see the difference. This was my first time ordering this product, & I'm so glad that I did. I will continue to use this eye cream, as well as their facial moisturizer. Happy customer here! 😄

  • Cacia Stowell - Good razor for the money

    Good razor for the money. Nothing overall special, but it does provide a close shave and doesn't give my husband razor burn on his neck. Seems to hold a good charge. Leaving a star off until we see how it holds up in the long run.

  • Brycen Pike - Hate it!

    Boyfriend purchased this for me as a gift. The idea is great but the reality is awful. It does not always set up with the phone properly. I have to remove it and try again several times before I can get it to talk with my iPhone. If you use your Facebook account you will have to log in every time you want to use your meter. If you have no cell signal this will make you crazy. My office building blocks the signal somewhat. I did not have this problem when I set up a regular account with password and user id. The batteries die often or act like they are dead. Only its a software glitch most of the time. If you restart the application and reseat the device it comes out fine next time typically. It was giving me bad battery errors from day one almost. This device drives me crazy with all of its errors and bad behavior. I am not even sure it is even accurate. It seemed accurate when tested against my old meter but given the amount of other issues I have experienced with it I wonder if it is consistently accurate with its readings. The only thing going for it positively is the cost is so low for the strips that I can actually afford them but the amount of stress it causes me will lead me to look at other choices.