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  • Darlaine D. Pierre - Check every month as soon as you get it

    I bought one of these on Amazon and started using it. Was very happy until I realized that my October tag wasn't covered in plastic like the other ones so was more prone to tears BUT I DID NOT HAVE THE MONTH OF MARCH!!!!!! Was very upset. Plus part of my February month was in the march section and upside down. Going to try to get it from the Lilly pullitzer site next time

  • Noell - waste of money

    I wish I never bought this. It's a cheap piece of garbage. I feel like I got a sample demo that isn't even made to do anything. I was not given any of the items needed to use it either. I did not have any problems with the seller and communicating with them.

  • KayC - Good stroller, but depends on what you need.

    Great high-quality light stroller with nice wheels that is easy to manuever. The reason I will return are as follows:

  • RaulBooBear - Black/Black/Black (XL)

    No videos or measuring will help you see just how big the XL size Messenger Bag is. It is huge. The main reason I bought the XL size bag was to fit my large 17-inch laptop. It took me a while to find a bag that would fit my laptop. I just put my laptop in a cushioned sleeve and it fits snug inside the laptop compartment.

  • Leigh A. Anderson - Almost perfect00

    Just retired the awful Electrolux EL1000B. I was weary about trying another cordless stickvac that cost an arm/leg and have it be as awful as the Electrolux, but I was pleasantly surprised. I should start off by saying I have 3 dogs and a cat in a small lake house with no carpet (I do have rugs, though). I have a huge dirt problem that I ended up barely ever using the Electrolux and would have to sweep the whole house at least twice a day and would still not feel 100% comfortable walking barefoot without mopping, too. So, the LiNX is awsome - it takes a fraction of the time to vacuum (no cords - yay!) and the suction is so good that it literally sucked out the little fur that accumulated under the refrigerator. It gets everything right up against the wall and after I'm done vacuuming I barely even need to mop - my bare feet are HAPPY. Also, a previous review said that emptying the canister was a pain - I don't understand that, I press a button and the bottom falls open and the dirt comes right out without me having to touch any mess - it's super easy. Now, why it's not perfect #1 the battery doesn't last long at all (30 minutes at most) has 3 indicator lights, though, so you can tell when it's about to poop out so you can prioritize before it does AND unlike the other sweepers I've used in the past it doesn't being losing steam - it's suction power is consistent. #2 It sure would be easier to have a triangle head so I don't have to press the front flat side against the edges to get 'em. #3 Sometimes I have to turn it on the bottom and dislodge something stuck (but hey, it's not a perfect world). #4 I wanted to add something I found kind of odd - the warranty period written on the box says it's a 6 year warranty and the warranty card that you fill out says that they keep it on record for 5 years - that just sounded fishy to me so I figured I would add it!