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  • Samuel Clemens - Commercials Commercials Commercials

    You can watch the same videos on you tube without all the commercials. There seems to be a commercial after each song so that ratio is quite high. Amazon did offer the Happy Kid2 app which was essentially the same but with very few if any commercials but that seems to have disappeared. At least its still on Roku

  • JS1018 - Single front wheel model is not good, go for 2011

    I did a lot of research on this stroller before I bought it. It seemed to have all the features I needed in a stroller. For the first 5 months that I used the stroller it worked really well.

  • Amazon Customer - Is there anything less than One Star

    I installed this on two computers. It caused problems on both. I tried to contact PC Matic for assiatance, I could not make contact with anyone for assistance. I use an online service for scheduling and tracking of my company records; There tech support could not help me. I had to wipe clean the computers and start over, Luckly I had a good back up system with tech support. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about using this product stay away from it. The product causes problems, there is not tech support and the company does not respond to customer complaints and concerns.

  • jeongwoon praigg - Best costume ever

    Best costume ever!! So glad I got this right on time. I'm 5'2", 140lb woman and I ordered standard (there was only standard and plus). It's pretty long and big for me but still work fine! I can't wait to wearing this costume!

  • Amazon Customer - Stay With It

    I have been using this product for roughly two weeks straight. I am a woman starting out at a size 24 and today I pulled on a size 20. When I first bought the system, I tried it on a "hit or miss" basis. That didn't work. I have found that if you are not consistent and religious about its use, it will not work. It does work much better if you add some exercise. I added some walking with light arm weights during the day. The reason I added exercise: Common sense, the fat was simply moving from my stomach to other spots north and south. I quickly realized that I needed to work those areas as well to keep the fat from "settling" back on the belly or ending up on my thighs. The first thing I noticed was a change in my skin and the fat layer directly underneath. We all know how the skin looks when there is a large deposit of fat underneath and my skin began to show a slight smoothing. I then began noticing an overall shrinkage of the belly. The tummy-tuck belt is not the most expensive on the market and might be a good fit or it might not work for you. Bodies are different, but I treated this as though it would work and kept analyzing my usage for ways that would improve. My ultimate goal is to lose the belly without needing a tremendous amount of surgery to "zip up". I was also very honest about my size and purchased the largest belt. You may want to call the company to figure out what size you would need. I have not had the rolling problem others have complained about. The only reason I would not give five stars would be my assertion that the belt requires you to use some exercise or cut calories to see any real progress. I hope this helps.

  • Amazon Customer - I ordered this doll and somehow, it was lost ...

    I ordered this doll and somehow, it was lost in the mail. No idea what happened to it or how it got lost.