bop dijon - filiere BOP (biologie des organismes et des populations), écologie, université de bourgogne, dijon, france

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 5.107 Meuse, France

  • Moe811 - Expanded and improved Critical Intelligence

    I enjoyed this story the first time around and now with the additional content, the story is even more compelling. Missy and Roi are one of my favorite couples. He is the ultimate playboy and she is feisty and takes no nonsense from him, calling him out on his horndog ways(no pun intended). The plot is full of exciting action and erotic love scenes and the dialogue is witty and often funny. The suspenseful story line had me on the edge of my seat and the Immortal Ops team has several more stories to tell, all well worth reading.

  • John - Stopped Working

    The bike camera just stopped working after a few days but before it stopped the visual was good but i couldn`t hear any sound at all even when i was right up close,Iv`e read on the review`s that there is sound but i couldnt hear any Except when i was touching the casing and then it was only a rustling sound.

  • Zyther Vinyl Designs - Great for the price

    I was a little scared about buying a monitor this cheap (price not quality). My fears are all gone, for 100 dollars, this is a fantastic monitor, even for $150 it would be a good buy. The build quality seems sturdy, and I love how the screen goes almost all the way to the edge. Picture quality is good. To me, it is not as good as an LCD screen (the colors don't look as deep), but the picture quality is still sharp.

  • Joey L. - Very Helpful

    This was very helpful, especially for the math portion of the exam. It reviews match concepts that you may not have used since high school and includes lots of practice problems. For the English portion, there are plenty of hints and tricks that I found useful during the actual exam. The writing portion's hints are particularly useful and I definitely recommend using their practice prompts. The vocabulary section is also useful. Honestly, learning vocab is only so helpful on the exam, but if you learn a few new words you'll definitely see a couple come up. Even though this edition is old now (It's 2015), it will still help you... and save you a few dollars!