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  • Brad Hutchinson - Recently I bought two 5 lb containers and both had issues-the tasted horrible, mixed to the thickness consistency of a Dairy ...

    I have been a user of 100% whey for over a decade since back in the days when this cost less than $25 for a 5 lb container and had no issues till recently. For the past few years I have bought the Cake Batter flavor exclusively and use it twice a day. Recently I bought two 5 lb containers and both had issues-the tasted horrible, mixed to the thickness consistency of a Dairy Queen Blizzard, smelled wrong, and gave me horrible diarrhea afterwards. As i've said in 10+ years of use I know what the stuff is supposed to taste and smell like and that it shouldn't mix together at the consistency of sludge. I emailed ON and told them about the two bad containers and they sent me back a 50 or so question email to fill out so they could investigate the lot numbers. They told me how serious they took the matter and would get back to me within a couple weeks but that was it I got no further replies for over a month even after asking again.

  • David L. Syfert - Better than the name brand

    I just purchased my second cartridge. They come professionally and securely packaged. They fit perfectly, work great, and you save much money, which is always good. This refill is better than HP's original.

  • Jenn Reedy - LIFE CHANGING!! ! WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN??! ????

    I first tried these with great hesitation & was not expecting to like them. I LOVE THEM!!! I have always had a super heavy period. I go thru a pad in like 20-30 mins. I've used super tampons & overnight thin ultra maxi pads TOGETHER and still leaked. I have it for about 8-10 days too , ugh 😝. Well, THESE were a blessing!! I can wear 1 for 5 hours at my heavy time & 8-10 the rest ! After you figure out the learning curve on how to properly insert it, get it in it's place, you are Golden! I just can't get over these! NO CRAMPS from tampons, I don't even know it's in there! I have not leaked & no longer need 2 forms of protection at a time & spend a small fortune each month on the both! These are so cost efficient, they work well, & a GREAT perk- SEX with your period is no longer messy!!! 👏💕🎉 woohoo!! This little gem in place allow you to have sex & not make a mess. Unless you get umm, kinda rockin' it will stay put & it's up there so it's not in the way or bothersome for you or Him! That alone makes me want to buy a truck load!! But they also work, stay in, easy to get out when you want, no leaks, no cramps, & it hold a lot of fluid! This is the best thing since the tampon was introduced! It's better.

  • Hair Junky - So far so good

    So I ordered the Alter EGO Hair Loss Combo Set a week ago today. I received the product on this past Thursday. I tend to suffer from, in my opinion, extreme hair shedding. So when I read the reviews of each of the products in the set, I decided to order the set. I just finished washing and blow drying my hair. From the start, I can tell the difference already. There was much less hair in the drain and sooo much less in the comb as I combed the conditioner through my hair. Although the jar says to leave the garlic mask on the hair for 15 minutes, I left on for about 50 minutes as a deep conditioner. The drops were not bad and didnt tingle that much to me. Even though its my first use, I think the amount of shedding is less when through blow drying my hair. I put the drops in after putting on the Alter Ego leave-in conditioner (not included in set), then I blow dried my hair dry. Even you are tired of seeing your hair on the floor, and in your comb and brush why not give it a try???

  • John Lo - good products and good prices

    I have installed this product, it will take 7 or 8 hours to install and update the old version. so far, it works very good, I have no cpmplaint.

  • Captain Bruce - Works fine until you have a crash!

    This backup software from Acronis gives you a (false) sense of security when you make a backup of your system. When your computer crashes and you want to restore that backup - prepare to be completely frustrated! Just google "Acronis unsupported hard drives" to discover all the problems people are having trying to restore their backups with Acronis True Image. Or go to their forums.

  • madmuttz - Better than Toppik

    I am hypothyroid and have been slowing thinning for years. Rograine can only do so much so I went in search of something to help mask the thinning. I tried Toppik and Great Hair Day first. They worked okay when I waas coloring my hair a dark auburn but when I went back to my natural blonde hair color, both were obvious. I then saw the caboki add online and got their free sample. I am very happy with the product! It is light and less goopy than Toppik and, in my case, covers better.