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  • Body extensions - “A woman-of-color who writes poetry or paints or dances or makes movies knows there is no escape from race or gender when she is writing or painting. She can’t take off her color and sex and leave...”
  • Body extensions - The Charge: Gynocide | Mother Jones
  • Body extensions - Biologist to develop ‘transgenic tobacco plants’ for trans people to grow sex hormones at...
  • Body extensions - “Prof Guillebaud said: “Older women have had ‘forgettable’ contraception - as opposed to the pill or condoms - for a long time, with things like sterilisation and the coil. "But it is younger...”
  • Body extensions - “BaContraception, short for Bacterial Contraception. Human Vagina contain 108-109 bacteria per gram vaginal fluid. More than 90% of these bacteria is Lactobacillussp. which is commensal in human...”
  • Body extensions - “Such tests would provide parents with unprecedented kinds of information, like risk genes for autism, in addition to hundreds of rare developmental disorders. While that could catch problems in...”
  • Body extensions - The Second Life of Alnylam and Its Nearly Discredited Gene Therapy | MIT Technology Review

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  • David Luzader - What could possibly go wrong?

    Recently, my girlfriend asked me to meet her parents. I was hesitant at first, and declined the offer for a couple of months. Finally, she wore me down and got me to agree. Her parents are rich enough to own Bill Gates, and they insisted that we go to some nice steak restaurant. Despite her objections, I wore this shirt.

  • Carlos Mendia - The material and content of First Aid 2015 is fine as always

    The material and content of First Aid 2015 is fine as always. However the quality of the book is absolutely terrible and cheap. Compared to the past editions, the pages are thinner and less durable which is incredibly disappointing. I've had the book for only a couple weeks and the pages are already crumbled and look as though they have been wet. This is unacceptable for a book that costs $45. There is also less space to annotate the book which is incredibly frustrating as annotating this textbook is essential for most medical students. Overall, the content of the book is great as always, but I wish they wouldn't have skimped on the quality of the book and made the pages sturdier as they have been in the previous editions.

  • Love to Travel - I've been to South Africa on a few occasions and this is as good if not better than the Biltong I had there

    This was delicious! I've been to South Africa on a few occasions and this is as good if not better than the Biltong I had there. This has great flavor and isn't as tough as typical jerky. I loved it and it is a great, high protein snack. I like this better than any other jerky I've tasted - mostly because it is easier to eat - not as tough and it is smaller pieces that you can just pop in your mouth. I did receive this item at a discount for my honest, unbiased review, however, I would buy again at full price.

  • Sharon Gatewood - Perfect!

    This truck is a gift for my husband...he's had other collectable cars and trucks through the years...he bought one of these at a garage sale, and now wants THANKS.

  • DerekM - Defective out of box experience

    This tablet would not charge up thus making it unusable. My first return item for Amazon and I'm only getting a standard return, whatever that means. I hope full refund since I can't even use this thing.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome Album

    I love this album! I would recommend to anyone looking for real rap music. It is captivating, the sound, the rhymes, everything flowed together. The lyrics were not about making money and hoes, but real things that happen in the life in the hood. Awesome keep it up Jermaine

  • G. Dent - Connectivity issues {Fixed}

    Someone before mentioned issues with the computer remaining connected to wireless. I had the same connection issues, but they were fixed with a driver update (this is a VivoBook X540SA.)