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  • Dina R. D'Alessandro - FYI saw palmetto interaction

    Disclaimer: I'm marking this as 5 stars, but haven't used the vitamins. I just wanted to put a quick FYI on here that there is saw palmetto in this--I should have read the ingredients list more carefully before purchasing--which can negatively interact with some contraceptives, i.e., birth control pill. Since I'm on the pill and don't want to take a chance in rendering it ineffective, I'm not going to be taking these vitamins, but have a friend of mine who is interested in trying them out, so I'll give to her and have her update me on her take on them after she starts using them.

  • Michelle - it's nothing new...

    My mom is using them, but it doesn't give her any effects that other supplements dont do already. Not highly impressed.

  • Cierabrook - Day one the first was fine gave me just the right amount of energy

    Day one the first was fine gave me just the right amount of energy. However on the second pill I took a little before I ate lunch and I am bouncing off of the walls (I work a desk job). A little too much energy. I am almost shaky. I guess you can say it is curbing my appetite because it has made me kind of nauseous. I will probably only take one a day, first thing in the morning.

  • Haleraiser86 - ood set of shears

    These are some sharp little shears!!! I like the two different sizes. They were able to cut and clip the brush and bushes I needed them for nicely. Not sure how long they will stay sharp, and how easy they will be to sharpen, but I will tell ya about that when I get to that. For now I am really happy with them.

  • Cecil Ram - Finally an answer about my body.

    Finally an answer about my body. And so simple too. I've tried a million fads but this book makes complete sense. I couldn't believe I was told to actually eat cake and milk to lose weight by Dr. Hart. But she was right. I didn't have to give up anything. I just had to learn a little bit about my hormones. The Link and Balance way worked. I fooled my insulin. What a great little trick, what a great little book...How come no one said it to me this way before. I think this is the way we are supposed to eat. Get copies for anybody you know.