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  • Inclusão para pessoas com deficiência (PcD) - Você sabia que o grupo Manager possui um programa de inclusão no mercado de trabalho para pessoas com deficiência (PcD)?
  • Vagas de emprego disponíveis no Porto de Santos - Confira as vagas de emprego disponíveis no setor portuário, na região da Baixada Santista

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  • James L. Kramer - It seems to be working for me

    I am a natural-born sceptic, and when some long-term friends told us about Body By Vi in 2011 (they became "distributors'), we politely looked the other way. We ran into them eight months later-- he had dropped eighty pounds, and looked great! Because we'd known this couple for ten-plus years, we decided to give it a try, starting on 7/7/12.

  • Amazon Customer - Is there anything less than One Star

    I installed this on two computers. It caused problems on both. I tried to contact PC Matic for assiatance, I could not make contact with anyone for assistance. I use an online service for scheduling and tracking of my company records; There tech support could not help me. I had to wipe clean the computers and start over, Luckly I had a good back up system with tech support. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about using this product stay away from it. The product causes problems, there is not tech support and the company does not respond to customer complaints and concerns.

  • Michael A. Goss - 24 years old, seeing significant results before the 2 month mark

    I'm 24, and have been noticing my hair thinning since I was around 20 years old. The thinning has been occurring both on the crown of my head and the front. Although there were no completely bald spots (except where the hairline was receding), the thinning was extremely apparent, and the top of my head would probably have been completely bald within a couple years.

  • Wanda - Goldenseal

    I purchased this for my Son's Semi Truck Driving Friend who swears by them. He is only in his 40's and sitting in a Truck all Day, he has issues Urinating and his Doctor suggested he try Goldenseal beings he could not find anything wrong with Him. I sent these to him a couple of Weeks ago and he called and told me that they were helping Him to empty his Bladder after the First Week of taking them. I am Happy that they are helping him and he said he would continue using them and ask me where I had purchased them. I passed on the Amazon Site to Him.

  • Amazon Customer - Probably A Rare, But Defective Unit...But I've Had A Horrible Samsung EVO Experience

    Although I am in the minority, I have had a horrible experience with the Samsung 850 EVO. I purchased this about two months ago and have been trying to install it into my laptop every weekend since.

  • Sasquatch - We love ours

    Okay we bought the 15 footer about a year and a half ago. Since we put this up we have an almost constant stream of kids from the neighborhood in our yard. When we set it up again this spring we had 6-10 kids waiting in line to get on, I usually only let 3 kids on at a time. It is fairly easy to setup and take down. The safety net doesn't let anyone fall off. Some of my kids are doing front and back flips on it. We've found it to be a great way to get them out of the house and off the video games. The green mat that covers the springs has started to tear right in front of the door, with the amount of traffic it sees it's done remarkably well. I have mine anchored to the ground with corkscrew dog stakes to make sure it won't take flight in high winds like our friend's trampoline did.

  • Gsleak - Who is the bad wolf

    Haley has been gone for three years and is returning to Willow Creek. She has inherited her grandmothers house and the first person she sees when she gets back in town is Luke . He is guy she has always loved but doesn't know if it is reciprocated. Luke has been in prison for two years and has just been out a couple months when Haley gets back in town . He has been dreaming of her and now she is back. In Willow Creek has amurder happened to Luck younger sister year ago and now there's another murder .There is so much to this story , twists, danger and of course love. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book