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  • Smart shopper - worth price

    These registers are well worth the price. They contain far more transaction lines than the bank registers - and cheaper too. I would highly recommend these for your personal finance tracking.

  • Christine Differt - The mascara I only used the first day because I came home looking like a raccoon

    Foundation went on smoothly, however a very HEAVY foundation not the light 'moisturizer' they advertise which leaves you feeling as if you're wearing nothing. The foundation tingled a bit the first day and felt a felt a bit irritated during the day. Second day applied again with a bit of redness but nothing major this time a stronger tingling feeling, when i looked in the mirrior at lunch my face was visibly red and splotchy. Obviously I had an allergic reaction to it. My face felt wind burned for several days after, gave foundation away. Obviously NOT hypo allergenic as they so strongly advertise.The mascara I only used the first day because I came home looking like a raccoon. Not for me.

  • LoBePenni - Tames Thick Frizzy Hair!

    I have long, thick, light brown hair. It has a natural "wave" to it...which is a blessing and a curse. When it's humid - it was torture....until my stylist starting using this on my hair a few times after having coloring done. It made my hair SO smooth, and soft...tames the frizzies...and it..smells..amazing! I use this after I shower, while blow drying & again on the tips while flat's amazing.

  • Constant Reader - Really Worked for Me

    I ordered this after reading about magnesium deficiency and realizing this may be the cause of some of my symptoms like foot cramps and newly magnified anxiety. Within a couple of days of taking this I had a major improvement and am happy to say that I have continued to experience renewed energy and NO FOOT CRAMPING. I take prescription level Vitamin D and learned that magnesium is required for the vitamin D to do it's job and that might be (among other things) the reason for the depletion. If you are suffering from foot or leg cramps give this a try. I also sleep better with this product as well. It is really tart and I take it one heaping tsp in the morning and night with a bit of water - just enough to mix it and swallow in one gulp. The flavored offerings taste like tums and I can't stand them so I prefer this. If you put it in the blender it will foam as it has an effervescent quality.