Biocon - India's largest biopharmaceutical company - Biocon is an innovation led fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that has developed affordable biosimilars, novel biologics and complex APIs. Leader in fermentation based biopharmaceuticals. Global scale manufacturing set up for biologics, biosimilars. High end scientific talent, research and development infrastructure. Largest Indian insulins company. Rich pipeline of biosimilars with nine products and novel biologics at various stages of clinical development including a high potential oral insulin. Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Fermentation based APIs, statins, Tacrolimus, Sirolimus, Everolimus, Human Insulin, Glargine, Immunosuppresants, Monoclonal Antibody, Recombinant Proteins, Generic formulations, Trastuzumab, Itolizumab, Nimotuzamab, BioMab EGFR, Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology Company, EGFR, GCSF, Fermentation, Orlistat, Insulin Lispro, Peptides, Insulin Aspart, diabetes, cancer, oncology, autoimmune, breast cancer, head neck cancer, psoriasis, chronic disease

  • Biocon Products & Services - Biopharmaceuticals, Licensing, Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing & Research Services - Biocon's impressive range of products and partnered services include biopharmaceuticals, licensing, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and research services.

    Country:, Asia, IN

    City: 72.8258 Maharashtra, India

  • John T. McGuinness Jr. - New Design = Not as Good

    They changed the sleeves from a comfy elastic and velcro cuff to a really narrow sleeve with only Velcro at the end - a real bummer to wear with any long sleeve shirt, pullover, etc. Disappointing on Marmot's end

  • S. H RAPTIS - Love it!

    I love this backpack. I am a graduate student, and need to carry my laptop along with notebooks and text books and everything fits very nicely in this bag. Purple is my favorite color, so that helps too :)

  • Lily Sanderson - Perfect caffeine source!

    So I was a little skeptical trying pureLYFT because the price seemed kind of high, but then I thought about how much I pay for a cup of coffee and it did not seem that bad! I personally do not like the taste of black coffee or the fact that it stains my teeth and causes, ehem, problems during the digestion process, so this was a good alternative for me.