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  • Amazon Customer - Why the need for the high age rating?

    This book was quite entertaining. I found myself yelling at it that the main character was in denial and was mated to her best friend, though. But that's just me. It had a lot of grammatical errors that I found myself having to overcome, but I'm not sure if that was the writer or the hazard of ebooks. I've noticed all ebooks have this problem, however if you get the hard copy it doesn't. I still don't understand why the characters have to cuss. And thus far there's not been anything extensively graphic as far as sexual encounters to make it seventeen and above. These types of books do quite well in the youth genre. For the author to limit herself is a bad oversight. I generally, as an adult, only read youth/teen books to get away from the unnecessary cussing and sexual content. I was pleasantly surprised when this book had really no sexual content.

  • Amazon Customer - Loved the Grunge!

    Loved catching up with the seal crew! The subplot was great too, I want a friend like Ben! The only part that left me wanting was there was no Troubleshooters around.