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  • New York Ellie - Amazon does it again.

    Truthfully I personally did not apply product to my iPhone, being 80 years old. I had a neighbor do it for me and he said the product was everything advertised to be, and was easy to apply without having to watch the video. There are no bubbles and you can't tell that there is a protector on the screen. Very happy.

  • Bradley J. Fern - Would recommend.

    This is my second dash camera. I spent a little more on this and it was worth it. Takes very clear and smooth video, even in low light. Would recommend.

  • dude - NOT A GAME, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

    I first played with a ouija (wee-gee) board when i was 12 at a school holiday, my friend was talking too me about them, so i was desperate too have a go, just to see if it worked. He said ok, and got out a pen and paper and we drew one on, it was a crappy ouija board as you would of expected, but we didn't think it mattered, anyway we laid the peice of paper down on a shelf and got out a bottle cap, too use as a planchette, I had a go, and i didnt work :(, my friend had a go and it didnt work, and then this boy came a long, who didnt have a clue what we were doing so he sed "whats this, can i have a go" so we just told him what too do, and he did it.