3 BAYER AG complaints and reviews @ Pissed Consumer - Bayer Ag - BAYER CRIPPLED ME WITH CIPRO. Bayer Ag - Phillips' colon bullcrap causes yeast infections in men.

  • Bayer Ag - Cipro is poison!!! Review 536717 Sep 20, Ciprofloxacin Hcl @ Pissed Consumer - I have recently been prescribed Ciprofloxacin HCL 500 mg for two weeks twice a day for mucus in my stool. Yesterday I took one after dinner, and today I went to my friends house to help landscaping. I could not
  • Bayer Ag - BAYER CRIPPLED ME WITH CIPRO Review 275972 Jun 08, Lansing, Michigan @ Pissed Consumer - I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) by my doctor for a *suspected* urinary tract infection back in October of 2009. I took just TWELVE pills and have been essentially bedridden and unable to walk since. You, the tax payer,
  • Bayer Ag - Phillips' colon bullcrap causes yeast infections in men. Review 216511 Jul 12, Columbus, Ohio, Phillips Colon Health @ Pissed Consumer - I'm a male, who somehow contracted a yeast infection. After studying and trying to find out the cause, it was found that it came from Phillips' colon health. I had been taking it for a couple months, and
  • 1 Bayer Ag K9 Advantix Ii Flea Control Complaints and Reviews @ Pissed Consumer - Don't see anything wrong with the products. Reading the complaints.Not sure if it applies to me.Have been using their frontline, advantix II and heartguard for a year or so on my two dogs and cat.
  • 1 Bayer Ag Flea Control Complaints and Reviews @ Pissed Consumer - Bad Advantage product for dogs. I've always used Advantage Flea Control for my dogs and it has always worked well until I ordered form pet supplies.
  • 1 Bayer Ag Drontal Dewormer Complaints and Reviews @ Pissed Consumer - Bayer Drontal Dewormer Review from Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. I ordered drontal wormer for my dogs seemed to work what I did not notice untill I ordered for a rescue I'm with the cat and dog wormers they all expired within 3 months so any left over needed to be thrown out never again unfortunately a lot of our medications come from china.

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  • David E. Carlson - Jimmy Eat World find their ambition again

    This is the best album JEW have released in a over a decade. It has a truly excellent mix of catchy pop songs and somewhat more complex, experimental work. Listening to it, I can't help but feel like the band is really trying again. It's easily better than Damage and Chase this Light and more consistent than Invented (which I generally liked). The album starts off strong with several enjoyable songs, but once you get to "You are Free", every track until the end is an absolute standout. As another reviewer mentioned, "Pol Roger" is their strongest closing song since "23". As somebody whose overall opinion of an album is heavily influenced by the quality of the final song (don't ask me why - I don't know!) , I'm glad to say that the closer here is beautiful and bookends the whole record well.

  • Derek & Sarah - because I hate bugs.

    I haven't seen it do anything yet, however it's only been a week. I hope it's doing it's job as I haven't seen many bugs/pest on the level that the pest repeller is placed on. Not sure how this thing works, but praying it does.. because I hate bugs.

  • MYShell - All Natural ingredients!!!

    I have tried EVERYTHING, WW.. Sensa.. SlimFast.. Nutrisystem... all of it.. nothing like this! I am FULL for a FULL 4 hours. I Prefer the taste. I did have a headache during the fasting, but your body is in a full cleanse. I did experience some hormonal in fluctuations at first, I attribute them to the Soy in the product and the Soy in the Soy milk I was mixing it with. PMS symptoms mostly. The weight is slowly coming of after the initial 8lbs by day 6, but my energy went through the roof. I am sleeping better, and just all around healthier feeling. It is important to move, you are limiting your calories, so your body will store if you dont move. But you will not loose muscle. Got to the website and join the forums, they are very helpful too. It is like most products, it does work if you use it properly. But you cant expect miracles. I prefer this because it makes me full, I do not crave sweets anymore, and it is all natural

  • Mtalia - Good sampling of Sight Words

    Great way to introduce reading to my four year old. These sight words correspond with a lot of the early reader books. The pictures and word arrangements are excellent.