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  • Jnels - A little helpful

    I have a newborn that was put on antibiotics at 11 days old because he got very sick. He then became a more fussy baby with a ton of gas and pooped only once a day. I tried this for a week and noticed a little difference at night. He didn't seem to grunt as much. We switched to one recommended by our pediatrician however: biogia with vit d. I honestly think this one made his gas worse.

  • Prime Weaker - Works as it should. Very good quality and design for price.

    Arrived without problems, no dead pixels, no shortages in the cords, no cosmetic faults. Tested it for a couple hours off my laptop and it ran good. Hope it gives me at least 3 years plus. If not, will edit review accordingly as for now its a good buy, worth the money. Would recommend to someone for a starter pc setup.

  • Dave Hall - Fits good, buttons are nice

    Not a sure grip as advertised. This case is almost as slippery as a bare iPhone. Fits good, buttons are nice, but not "grippy".

  • Pen Name - Pretty good product so far!

    The product was very easy to download and very easy to work and navigate. The problems themselves seem to be pretty spot on with what the information we have learned over the years. My one negative is i encountered a glitch that seem to wanna do only even numbers at a time and then go back and do the odd numbers. Very annoying and not how the real DAT will happen. Other than that great study tool!

  • shma - Eureka!

    Brilliant. Go black and you won't go back. These look much more elegant than the hideous old chrome drip pans they replaced, and black is a much more forgiving color for this application. Trust me, if you still have those chrome bowls that highlight every charred spill that's occurred in the past few weeks, you need to treat yourself to a set of these raven beauties.