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  • Rudi Franke - No home should be without one, let you home be dominated by at least one robot and let it be one of the Roomba line.

    Recently widowed, I stubbornly refuse to give up my home as long as I can maintain it. So this widower must do everything my wife did when it comes to cooking and cleaning, quite a shock and I can hear all you women chuckling in the background. Not so fast, ladies, for I had heard about this robot vacuum cleaner a long time ago and was reminded of it in a recent issue of Consumer Reports which was so positive in its review that I went ahead and bought mine. It works great! Since there’s now only my cat and I, it picks up mostly cat hairs and cat food granules, and surprisingly cough drops in their wrapper (that fell under the mattress and went undetected until now). Yes, the great thing this robot can do is go under beds and furniture where a human doesn’t normally reach with their vacuum cleaner! Now I’m living in the lap of luxury as far as vacuuming is concerned. Get yourself one of these and get your exercise doing more pleasurable things.

  • bd106904 - Dry Hands Review

    I use this product for pole exercise. It works fine; however, the bottle amount isn't worth the money. I'm going to find another brand.

  • Sharmon Simonetti - This stuff is great.

    I love this shampoo/cleanser. My girl friend bought it for my daughter and I ended up trying it and loving it. I don't have curly hair, but I have annoying waves so this really helps to tame them. I just use this cleaner and rinse and I'm done. I don't have to use a conditioner anymore! Smells awesome and I'm addicted. I'll never use another shampoo.

  • Sanctorium - What a tool...

    I bought this knife so I wouldn't be the biggest tool in my house. Now I am a big tool with a bigger tool.