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AV Technology Products and Services • avt - We help organisations make the best AV Technology decisions in order for them to teach, reach, collaborate and share ideas.

  • http://avt.tech/corporate Corporate AV Technology • avt - Our Corporate AV Technology give teams the flexibility to move between spaces as their tasks change and the ability to include others from remote offices.
  • http://avt.tech/education Education AV Technology • avt - Students are well-versed in personal technology and expect having their in-classroom experience enriched with sophisticated audio and video content.
  • http://avt.tech/government Government AV Technology • avt - Many government applications require not only high quality delivery of sound and images, but also high levels of security in their distribution.
  • http://avt.tech/defence Defence AV Technology • avt - Defence force members are trained in simulation environments utlising the latest in AV Technology for distributing images, information and commands.
  • http://avt.tech/health Healthcare AV Technology • avt - The use of AV technology in healthcare has led to radical improvements and innovation in clinical processes.
  • http://avt.tech/products/ Harman Products • avt - These are the best-in-class Harman products to deliver a complete AV solution for where you work, educate, govern, defend or care.
  • http://avt.tech/about/ History of avt • avt - At avt we help organisation make the best technology decisions in order for them to teach, reach, collaborate and share ideas.
  • http://avt.tech/contact/ Contact • avt - If you want to take your technology to the next level, get in touch with one of our advisors today and see what avt can do for your organisation.

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  • kate6264 - love. love. love.

    Okay, I loved this book. I can not wait to read the next book. I love books that can make me laugh but are also well written, a little romantic, and have good characters. This book had all of that. I would definitely recommend reading it.

  • Kindle Customer - Doesn't work as expected.

    Did the mall demo and it seemed ok. But at home? Ugh! It doesn't come off very easily. In fact, on the lower portion of my face, it left quite a few bits of skin in clumps. Like when you peel of a bad sun burn. Tried to use it again to remedy the situation and only irritated my skin. Clumps of skin still there.

  • Julie - Works for my hair!

    I noticed my hair grow faster, but not my nails, which is fine by me. I am on my 3rd bottle, trying to grow hair for a future trip. At the price, I highly recommend anyone trying it.