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  • Karinnarp - Makes my hair very soft and smell really good.

    I loved this mask. The smell is divine. I use it once a week. The tube is a little small but it will go a long way because you only need a little bit. It makes my hair very soft and I will buy some more again.

  • vintageward - Bell town hurrah

    Living in the SeaTac area for twenty some years made this short story special. Not only was it full of action but had a human aspect as well. Good job.

  • Shannan Neff - Hot [email protected]#n this book gutted me in the best of ways. Now to wait for book four

    I...... this book was..... Dude, I'm speechless at the moment. I didn't think Golden could top book two which topped book one which I didn't think could get better.....how high in the stratosphere is Golden going to push the bar with which other books in this genre will compared to? The details in this book are so clear and vivid that I feel like I'm a voyeur of all that happens in this book. Dajjal is one dark mutha but our band of heroes gives me faith. The title is so apt as there is much suffering to be done. I was kinda bummed that our little team was split in half in an early chapter, angry beside Adrienne when it's revealed she must go to work on the treaty between the Alliance and the vampires with Gage while Joey and Marcus are sent to the Emerald Isle. This does open us to meeting more of the Journeymen, namely Gabriel, Dax and Brandon.

  • Living a Fit and Full Life - Love how large it is!!!

    Ohuhu's Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Bag is perfect for travel! Ohuhu's Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Bag is large enough to fit everything you need to take on your next trip. Ohuhu's Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Bag comes with 6 6 reinforced straps for optimal and secure attachment to keep it in place while driving. I also love that it's rainproof and fireproof. Rainproof is great because most long distance trips you end up driving through some rain. The zip closure allows the bag to expand just like expandable luggage which is great because it collapses making it easy for storage when it's not in use. Ohuhu's Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Bag is the perfect cargo bag to take on the go! Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

  • Clay - Love them!

    I'm so happy that I ordered this 3-piece stainless steel wire whisk set. The quality is fantastic and I can tell they are going to last a long time. I can't wait to get in the kitchen and whip up some amazing dishes.

  • kkrome25 - Not an All-Purpose Glue

    I think this glue is best used for porous surfaces like stone, wood, drywall, foam, rug material, cloth and brickwork. It dries brittle, with practically no elasticity, so I don't recommend it for automotive applications where there is a lot of mechanical vibration. It also takes longer than 24 hours to dry, and it foams and leaves a lot of run-off. So if you have holes or voids to fill, this glue is perfect. I consider Gorilla Glue to be the new improved, waterproof version of white glue. The manufacturer claims this is the world's strongest glue, but I don't think so. And it's not an all-purpose glue like Household Goop, or The Welder.