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  • Jewell - Ditch the casing and un-necessary chemicals.

    I have dealt with IBS for over five years. I was introduced to Align by my gastroentrologist. I took it for several months with good results and then I started having occular migraines. I stopped the Align for several days, the occular migraines stopped. Then took one again - another occular migraine. In spite of the relief of some of my IBS symptoms that I gained from Align, I had to stop again. Then I read in the reviews about the chemicals in the casing. Evidently the chemicals had built up in my system and reached an overload. It took me several weeks to realize that I could open the capsule empty the ingredients in food and throw away the casing and chemicals. I have done that for about a week now, with no occular migraine. So, I have ordered more Align from Amazon and hopefully, I will be taking it into the future.

  • NanoShopper - Highly recommend Kaspersky Total Security 2016!

    Kaspersky Total Security 2016, seems to be an excellent security suite! It works smoother and less obtrusive than any other I've tried. Highly recommend!