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  • W. Wright - Worthless

    Worthless Junk! Dad ordered 2 (one for him and one for a friend). He ended up with 4. Unfortunately, he did not stop to think (or his head was not clear enough) that if hearing aids cost in excess of $5,000 a pair and many times are difficult to get adjusted just right, how will a pair for $30 work? They are worthless. Unless you are nearly deaf and completely broke and absolutely no way of hearing anything, they are not worth ordering. BTW, still attempting to determine if additional charges for Identity Protection and Preferred Shoppers $19.95 each (monthly) and the Identitiy Protection was doubled (so far 6 charges for $19.95 each) are linked to his purchase from TV ad for these. It was the same day...... Just saying.....

  • Joseph Silveira - Excellent quality. Came with all of the cleaning and ...

    Excellent quality. Came with all of the cleaning and care accessories. The local music store wanted 35 a month to rent a used flute.

  • Katie Patterson - I am a social worker, and I would like to copy this review which I strongly agree with regarding The Total Transformation Progr:

    In California, you can check on therapists' professionals' legit license at Board of Behavioral Sciences website. If you try to look up James Lehman and Janet Lehman, you will not find them on this government website, simply because they are not Licensed. Now, if you do not want to let an unlicensed surgeon to perform a surgery on you or your loved ones, why would you let the unlicensed social workers like the Lehmans to mess with your brains? Since they are unlicensed, they are not sanctioned by the Board.

  • q290378gh9f - What were they thinking?

    Razer Synapse, the included macro software, requires an account and phones home all the time and won't work without an internet connection. What an awful way to do things. It turns all your off-line games into games that require an internet connection.

  • Believer - Super easy to program

    This came super quick and packaged contained the online site where you can look up the programming instructions. I got the key fob programmed on the first try! Super happy with the product and glad I did not have to go to dealer. The only reason it is not getting 5-stars is that the print on the buttons (lock, unlock, emergency) is fading and hard to make out which makes it look like a ten year old remote.

  • Sharon A. Davis - No knee replacements for me!

    Flexoplex is the best product of it's kind that I have ever tried. I have used others with less degree of comfort. I am a senior, have bone-to-bone arthritis in both knees and was told I needed to think about knee replacement. I started on Flexoplex and am now pain free. More mobility and range of motion. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to use supplements rather than drugs or surgery.