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  • Sam wang - Great for keeping in check of all my stuff

    I glad it work when I need it I forgettable sometime when I put my thing in place I don't even remember with a push of any button I find it but sometime I forget everything but it keep me remember where all the thing is

  • Emilie - Another great romance from R.S. Grey!

    I always get excited about a new romance story from R.S. Grey. She’s one of my go-to romance authors and for good reason. Her latest, A Place in the Sun, reminded me of why I love reading these stories as much as I do all while making me fall in love with new characters.

  • Seamus - Three's the Charm!

    I've had this machine for almost 2 months now so I feel that I can now provide an honest review. In short, it's a keeper. I tried two other Chromebooks before this Toshiba and sent both back. The reasons were a combination of slow performance and bad screens. But this Toshiba is lightning quick and has a beautiful display. It has pushed my 15" Macbook Pro to a backup role - I now only use it for Skype sessions with family members. Once Microsoft gets video capabilities on Skype for Chrome, I might not use it at all.

  • Suga Shay - Zoom is great!

    The video and sound quality are great! It's as though you're actually face-to-face with the person, or people you're having a video meeting with.

  • andrew rawson - Produces massive loads. I wouldn't want to be on ...

    Produces massive loads. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end while I am On ball refill. You will have to cycle off of it after 2 weeks. Break for a week and then start again.

  • Jennifer - Perfect if you want to die.

    It felt like my intestines were trying desperately to escape from my body and strangle me to death. I can't imagine why these are still on the market.

  • usagi sune - A great value

    These plates are durable and an excellent value. I have purchased them three times and will continue to do so.