Bariatric Surgery in India - Weight Loss Surgery India - Asian Bariatrics - Asian Bariatrics, the best obesity centre for bariatric surgery in India. Specialty hospital for bariatric weight loss surgery practiced by the laparoscopic bariatric surgeons of India.

  • Best Bariatric Surgery Hospital in India - Asian Bariatrics - Asian Bariatrics is NABH accredited single specialty best bariatric surgery hospital in India for weight loss surgery, obesity surgery, gastroenterology and metabolic surgery.
  • Bariatric Surgeons in Ahmedabad - Board of Directors | Asian Bariatrics - Panel of Doctors at Asian Bariatrics Hospital, Ahmedabad, India include Dr.Mahendra Narwaria - Bariatric, GI & Robotic Surgeon, Dr. Sanjay Patolia and Dr. Manish Khaitan - Bariatric & GI Surgeon.
  • Types of Bariatric Surgery - Obesity Surgery | Asian Bariatrics - Doctors at Asian Bariatrics hospital performs all types of bariatric surgery for obesity like sleeve gastrectomy, mini gastric bypass, mini port surgeries, laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, etc.
  • Bariatric Surgeons in Ahmedabad - Obesity Surgeons | Our Team - Asian Bariatrics has the most eminent surgeons for bariatric surgery, obesity surgery, cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, gastric bypass surgery, etc. available in India & also internationally.
  • Events & Seminars | Asian Bariatrics - Asian Bariatrics conducts various public awareness events, CME’s- Continuing Medical Education programs and more. Visit the link for to check out latest updates on this.
  • Bariatric Surgery in Ahmedabad - Awards and Recognitions | Asian Bariatrics - Asain Bariatrics is an NABH Accredited Hospital in Ahmedabad and is also named under Limca book of record for performing most bariatric surgeries on younger patients.
  • Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Hospital in India - Asian Bariatrics - Asian Bariatrics is the largest chain of best bariatric weight loss surgery hospital in India. We have obesity centers in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Baroda and Surat.
  • Bariatric Surgery Procedure - Operation Theatre | Asian Bariatrics - Asian Bariatrics hospital has the most advanced operation theatres, which are robotic surgery compatible, for performing all types of bariatric surgery for weight loss and obesity.
  • Bariatric Surgery in India - Rooms in Hospital | Asian Bariatrics - Asian Bariatrics is bariatric weight loss surgery specialized hospital in Ahmedabad. We have president suite, double suite & semi suite rooms in our hospital for patient care after surgery or operation.
  • Modern Lab - Asian Bariatrics | Diagnostics - Asian Bariatrics has the most advanced lab and radiology facilities. We have digital XRAY, Ultra Sound Machines, colour Doppler and more.
  • ICU - Nursing - Bariatric Coordinator | Departments - We have departments of ICU, CSSD, Nursing, Bariatric coordinator, IT & Customer care department that takes care of our patients starting from their first visit to Asian Bariatrics Hospital till their successful treatment.
  • Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Procedure in India | Asian Bariatrics - Watch procedural videos of Bariatric Surgery. Here are the videos of all type of bariatric surgery techniques that are used to perform weight loss on obese patients.
  • What is Obesity? Causes of Obesity | Asian Bariatrics - Obesity is one of the chronic conditions and is a risk factor for many other chronic conditions. Any person with BMI higher than 30 is consider to be obese overweight.
  • Obesity Consultation - Candidate for Bariatric Surgery | Asian Bariatrics - Self obesity consultation allows you to check your Body Mass Index. BMI greater than 30 is consider obese & can be a candidate for bariatric surgery.
  • Obesity Calculator - BMI Calculator | Asian Bariatrics - Asian Bariatrics obesity calculator to calculate your Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolic Rate, calorie, to plan your exercise and to plan you diet.
  • Weight Loss Calculator - Weight Loss Tips | Asian Bariatrics - Weight Loss Calculator helps you find right amount of calories you need to burn everyday to achieve targeted weight. Proper diet and exercise is required for healthy weight loss.
  • Obesity Treatment in India - Obesity Surgery | Asian Bariatrics - Check your BMI to find best obesity treatment options from diet, exercise, medicine and weight loss surgery to get in shape and for healthy lifestyle.
  • Care Plan - Diet & Exercise After Bariatric Surgery - Care plan after bariatric surgery by surgeons & dietitians includes regular diet and exercise of bariatric patient post weight loss surgery to live healthy lifestyle.
  • Before and After Photos - Weight Loss Surgery in Ahmedabad | Asian Bariatrics - Before and after photos of patients who underwent Bariatric Surgery for weight Loss in Asian Bariatrics Hospital, Ahmedabad, India has been kept available for you. Please check link to view.
  • Bariatric Surgery Patients - Testimonials | Asian Bariatrics - Patients treated at Asian Bariatrics Hospital share their Testimonials -. Mr Samarth Shah says, “Million thanks to Asian Bariatrics for changing my life.” & Ms Shilpa Pujara says, “Thank you Asian for making my life worth living”
  • Weight Loss Surgery in Ahmedabad - General Appointment | Asian Bariatrics - Schedule appointment at Asian Bariatrics Hospital in India by giving us a call on +91-79-66556655. Asian Bariatrics Hospital also has its centres in Surat, Hyderabad & Rajkot, Ahmedabad being the main centre.

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