ARKEOS est spécialisé dans la fourniture d’équipements et de solutions d’impression bureautique, graphique, technique et éditique. - Nous proposons plusieurs produits et services pour un large choix et une meilleure qualité à des prix concurrentiels : Equipements, logiciels, consommables et services. Tous nos produits sont certifiés conformes aux standards internationaux. Le groupe ARKEOS couvre l’ensemble des régions du Maroc et s’exporte à travers ses filiales ARKSEN au Sénégal et ARKCIV en Côte d’Ivoire.

Country:, North America, US

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  • abel marquez julio - Trouble free septic systems

    Even though I don't add Rid-X with the recomended frequency (can't get the product here in Venezuela and I only travel to the US once in a while when I bring back several boxes), in 42 years I have NEVER have had trouble with my septic system. This product really does its job.

  • Lienkie - impressive

    It DOES work. Without doing the tissue test, my impatience is sadly legendary and can be costly (stupidity then), it held up and did not allow water to leak in. I bought it with the intentions of using it when snorkeling to take photos, but it is sadly not to be for me. I think the pressure from the water causes the sensors to ignore the touch screen function. Swimming in 3 feet of water meant a very dry phone (YAY!!), but no pictures. Pictures from above the water were stunning though and not affected, which is why I think water pressure may have played a part in not being able to take photos under the surface. I would recommend it though, if you want to keep your phone nicely dry...

  • kosmalj - BUGS IN THIS

    I was just at Costco and excited to see that they carried this as I wanted to try it (and was $5 off this month) and then decided to flip the box over to read the ingredients. I was so disappointed!! This product has Carmine in it. Carmine is a "natural" coloring made from the cochineal insect. It was the coloring Starbucks used a few years ago in their smoothies that caused a lot of media because it was not considered vegan (which upset a lot of folks). Carmine is used in many yogurts and foods (yoplait strawberry is one of them, and I believe Dannon uses it also). I know many of people in this world don't know what Carmine is so I'm trying to provide a little education because plain and simple - it's GROSS! If you're cool with consuming it, then that's your choice, but I just wanted to throw it out there and educate people on what it really is.

  • Ian Peter Duke - This certainly seems like it will be water PROOF

    Waiting for a deluge of rain to test. I had two of what I thought were rain resistant at least, but they do nothing. This certainly seems like it will be water PROOF. Wish it had a pocket inside for a wallet or a phone, but otherwise, it is really nice. I got it on the large side, as I figured I could wear it in the winter with a fleece liner and be dry from sleet or snow with skiing or shoveling the driveway, too.

  • A. Struthers - Another excellent IDE

    Very much enjoy the direction that Microsoft is going. Being a developer with Visual Studio just keeps getting cooler.