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  • Areli Villegas - I am very happy with the whitening aspect of this

    This has significantly whitened my teeth, I am very happy with the whitening aspect of this. The downside is that it makes my teeth very sensitive, I had to use it for half the time every other day because if not my teeth hurt so bad the whole day, if I did it at night Id still wake up with tooth sensitivity. The fact that I only used the strips half the time and I was still happy with the results says a lot though about how effective they are, so I would reccomend if you really want whiter teeth, but be prepared for tooth sensitivity by the 2nd or 3rd use.

  • C. Burch - Great product

    I have short coarse hair and have had a terrible time finding products that help me create get a somewhat spikey look, without feeling like I have hard plastic in my hair. With this product you can still run your fingers through your hair, quickly refresh the lift throughout the day without adding more product. . Bonus - it also smells terrific!!

  • lcm1947 - My review

    What can I say it's a buck knife and will last a life time - actually probably 5 life times. I love the handle. The main concern