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    If you are serious about getting a decent score in the USMLE step 1 exam, this is a must read. It is a summary or sorts, and is best used later on in your preparatory pathway. It does not include everything you need, but it will definitely help increase your score, and in this game, everything counts. If your grandma says that eating cereal will increase your USMLE score by 2 points, eat cereal by all means :) In the beginning of your prep you are better off reading a standard text book. Other products that are helpful include USMLE Total review available on and the Kaplan review.

  • P. Scott Lebert, Ph.D. - The HP-2010 is a cut above the standard filters for ...

    The HP-2010 is a cut above the standard filters for the small V8s found in the Marquis/Crown Vic. My only caution is it requires a little finesse to properly position it on the oil boss. Make absolutely sure you remove the electrical low oil level clip and be patient when you maneuver the filter through the suspension components. The filter is slightly larger (diameter) from the standard filter. The installation took place with weight on wheels. It may be completely different if you utilize a lift to unload the suspension components.

  • Tony - the best har loss remedy so far

    I have been using the comb with revivogen for about 10 weeks, and I am very pleased with the results. The bald spot in the crown is getting smaller, and I can see lots of hair growing along the hairline, some of which have become terminal hairs. I am using the comb all over the scalp and the revivogen only on the crown and the temples. Previously, I used rogaine with mixed results. So here is my conclusion so far: 1. the comb works 2. revivogen probably helps (I will eventually cut it out) 3. rogaine only prevents the folicles from dying, but does not help grow anything. But thanks to rogaine, since the follicle did not die, the comb+revivogen is able to bring them back to full life. I really like the comb. It's a relaxing ritual, and it fluffs up your hair.

  • Stefan - First Time Buyer of RID-X

    I purchased this item to treat my septic tank. I have heard many people state that there is no PROVEN reason to add bacteria to septic tanks. So far so good. No complaints on performance. Only thing I was concerned about was the flakes that escaped during shipping. But Amazon enclosed the box in its own sealed bag. Good thinking Amazon!

  • muffin mom - It puts a great creamy head on your beer and increases aroma

    System works as advertised. It puts a great creamy head on your beer and increases aroma. It's very close to a nitro beer but not quite. It works great on the more complex, sweeter and darker beers. It's a waste on your everyday grocery store beer. I will buy the smaller version when it comes out. Only gave it 4 stars because the tap handle is extremely cheap and falls of continually, I've just stopped using it.

  • Robin - Great fun for American Muggles

    I bought this book for the recipes, but love it most for the explanations of all things British. When I read the Harry Potter books I used my imagination to try and picture the food J.K. Rowling was describing. This book clears up the mystery of what exactly foods such as treacle, pasties, and bangers are. The author also explains the origins of the food in a fun way.

  • K. Mullen - Not for me

    I bought a trial of the Thrive Experience (capsules, shake, patches) from a promoter, who is a friend. I do drink coffee (1-2 cups a day), and am sensitive to certain supplements and caffeine. The first day I quit coffee entirely and yet felt anxious, had headache, stomach ache, back ache, and was told my symptoms were detoxing from coffee. I continued to a 2nd day and did not feel any better. I had to stop the trial because I felt the side effects outweighed the benefits. I was told after the first week I'd feel amazing, but the truth is I don't want to be "hooked" on a supplement, and furthermore on one so expensive. I read other reviews and heard the withdrawal coming off these pills are the same as going on. An 8-week experience often turns into months on end, and the expense creates incentive to become a promoter. The cycle never ends.