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  • Ensomeprazole - editEvidence of efficacy AstraZeneca may Ensomepr azole headache with lightheadednesssweatingdizziness, Ensomeprazole Ensomeprazole.
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  • BedNBiskit - finally a defense against stink bugs

    i just bought a house that was totally infested with stink bugs. A friend recommended this product and it worked like a charm. It is a dry spray that can be directed with supplied nozzle into window frame channels to get to the recessed areas in the walls where the bugs love to hide. It works for up to 6 months and I am finally armed for the coming fall invasion! Ha!

  • dad's gemini - Roaches Be Gone ... Not all.

    I would walk into my kitchen late nights and find roaches sitting on my counter tops playing cards and smoking cigarettes and asking me what I had to eat! I knew they had to go for I felt like I was in that movie, "Joe's Apartment" and expected them to break out in song! I am very neat, so there is no food out, no dishes in the sink and all cabinet food products are in plastic bags or air-tight sealed jars. I used the product as soon as I received it, loving the powder form and no smell, and noticed an immediate difference. They were even moving slower when seen and killed, and after a few days it seemed they had packed up and moved or died. Yet four days later, it seemed a new batch of them moved in, like the old ones had hung out a vacancy sign and they were back. I know the product is suppose to last longer than 4 days and/or maybe I just needed more than 2 cans. But it worked ... for a while.

  • Donna Dumas - Inspirational!

    Everyone should read this book! We all love them from their show, but the book tells us why we love them. It also gives you insight into keeping on with the good fight (making lemonade out of lemons). Loved this book!

  • Shanna C. - So happy we decided to get rid of the pool guy ...

    So happy we decided to get rid of the pool guy and purchase our own Chlorine. This container is HUGE and has Plenty of tablets in it. We used it all summer and still have 1/2 container left. Each tablet is individually wrapped, so no need to worry about them melting.

  • mas remodels - PROBLEM: Vendor Bill Shows as Vendor Payment , a known unresolved error since 2012

    Just installed Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013. Have been running my business with a copy of Quicken for Business 2006 which worked fine, except for being locked out of financial institution downloads.

  • Jet Balagtas - Insightful, Funny, Hilariously Politically Incorrect!

    This book is totally real. Mr. Kay's thoughtful insight is spot on in your face. His delivery and timing is impeccable. A very informative and entertaining read. But don't be fooled... the tips and advice here make total sense... IT WORKS! Thanks AK! I've recommended your book my best and closest friends. Any real man must have this book in his tool bag of tricks to attain maximum pleasure from married/attached life sex.