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  • E. Taylor - Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising

    I just read Brian Geiger's review and the MS Social Team's response. I logged onto amazon with the purpose of checking out Office 2013, I am currently using 2010. I once was suckered into Office 365 for a netbook, never again. Clouds usually signal a coming storm, cloud computing is certainly well named. Enough with lists of bad decisions inspired by MS advertising. The reason I chose to post on a product that I was going to buy but chose not to buy. The MS team's posted reply, to Mr. Geiger's very specific complaints; was the most offensive piece of garbage I've ever seen come out of a corporate entity. If you've ever seen someone hold up three fingers and say read between the lines you understand the gist of Microsoft's reply. If that's their attitude, why bother to reply at all? Do they really think anyone will click on the links?

  • peggy a. garcia - Movie

    Well the movie was in excellent condition and I had a lot of people tell me the movie itself wasn't much good. I am a big fan of Dale Midkaff but the movie wasn't as good as I have seen him in. Thanks

  • Erika Pickles - Extrememly unhappy with the new Creative Cloud format

    I have been an Adobe user for the last 15 years. Being a photographer, the only programs I use are Photoshop and Lightroom. Photoshop I vary rarely use, except for detailed touch ups. 95% of the time, I use Lightroom for editing. A few years ago, you could easily upgrade your Lightroom version with just a few clicks of a button. Today, I spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out how to download the latest version of Lightroom and I still don't have it. When I called the Adobe 800 number, I got a very pushy salesman who questioned why I wouldn't "bundle" my items together for a cheaper monthly payment...basically wanting me to upgrade both Photoshop and Lightroom. When I explained I did not want to upgrade Photoshop because I very rarely use it, and I didn't want to spend the next month trying to work a new program, he basically said that was my only option. So, instead of just being able to upgrade one program, you now have to upgrade several. And there is no one time payment - you pay monthly now.

  • Andrei - Great Quality

    This Ball is amazing. The construction is solid and the surface texture is resilient. It's hit the pavement a couple of times and not a single mark on it. Touch is great and my boot flows through the ball with little effort. Definitely recommend

  • Jim Manis - The Best American Essays 2013 - All Stars

    I own and have read every edition of "The Best American Essays" since the publication's 1986 debut. It never ceases to provide me with a great deal of pleasure and insight into the human condition. If nothing else, it provides a marvelous antidote to the poor quality of writing that fills a reader's life in this Internet age.

  • Emily - Great floss!

    I really like this floss! Doesn't shred, cleans well and the mint flavor is nice. I will definitely buy it again.