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  • The Reviewer - Yup, It Works!!

    I came across a faint urine smell in a small laundry closet and when I got down closer to get a better smell (I noticed kitty made a quick beeline for the exit so I knew I was on to something). I had just bought this product so I broke it out to give it a try. I wasn't sure where exactly the smell was, or how long it had been there, so I poured some in a spray bottle and sprayed down the bottom walls and floor. Lo and behold, after the area dried, the smell was completely GONE!! This is a great product.

  • Sonny Garcia - Great Value...

    I'm glad I found this extension to my anti-virus for my 3 pcs at a great price and at a great easy way by just registering my 3 licenses and activating with each pc and not having to do complete downloads again and only extending my subscriptions for each by activating the license to get my new 1 tear extension. So much easier than having to do 3 new complete installs and at a great price and great value too. Thanks Amazon...