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City: -3.684 , Spain

  • KBCinTX - Works okay but super white doesn't last

    My teeth look super white when done but that wears off really quick. By the next time you eat. I tried not eating for 12 hours after treatment and the super white still goes away. I do believe my teeth have whitened a shade or two after continuous use.

  • Amused - The Itch from Hell.

    This product causes my scalp itch to a degree that I never knew was humanly possible. Literally it's like the itch demon fairy princess from hell came and was digging into your scalp with an "itch-wand" that has needles at its ends dabbed with poison. I kid you not. This doesn't occur right when I put it on, but I'll get itch attacks during the day. And when these attacks occur, dare you even touch one follicle of hair in the area where the Rogaine was applied, the painful scratchy sensation increases a thousand fold. In other words, it itches like crazy, but if you try to scratch it, you will see the gates of Hell looming before you, as it punishes you for even attempting to try to relieve some pressure off your head.

  • BRUCE - A New Standard Becomes an Instant Classic

    The Les Paul has to be the most iconic guitars in the history of eclectic instruments. This sonic monster first hit the streets in 1952 with the release of the Goldtop. In almost 50 years of production the guitar has seen many configurations, still for the most part the guitar remains the same.