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  • Ron Baker - Popcorn summer blockbuster

    Epic special effects and we get to see a lot more of the hideous aliens this time around. The alien queen is uber cool. It may not have some of the patriotic charm of the first film but it makes up for it with grand battles and tons of big popcorn summer blockbuster action. I like this type of over the top science fiction that blows you away start to finish. Get your popcorn and settle in for a big bad 2 hours. Mindless summer fun.

  • Rick - All the past goodwill has been drained

    Adobe has gone too far with this business model. Only large commercial studios will support this product from now on. The millions of small to medium pros and semi pros are burned and seeking alternatives. Hobbyists that made up a large portion of the customer base and loyalty, did I say loyalty have been abandoned by this oppressive marketing of an other wise great suite of software. I've gone from PS 5 to 6 to CS3 to CS5 and will not take the leap to CC at gun point.

  • Dennis J Carpenito - Nice Find

    Easy to insall top quality item. Sequential Tail Lamps make for a safer ride, you will get noticed when you use your directionals.

  • E. Rubin - Seems to work very well on shoes

    I recently painted a pair of fabric shoes and wanted to make sure that they lasted. I sprayed those babies with ScotchGard Fabric and upholstery protector and they are holding up really well - the drizzle I walked through didn't even touch them.

  • Kerry - Hmm...

    I have heard amazing things about this product from both men and women. The Pinterest world was buzzing about it's benefits, so I figured I would give it a go. I wish I would have ordered it from Aveda. Here is why: the box was completely disfigured and looked like someone had literally stepped on it. There was no proof that it had not been used (ex:a seal to break or plastic covering). A little disappointed in the seller but am ok with the product itself.

  • C. E. Delage - Squatty Potty Is For You!

    If you are looking for a natural aid for constipation, try squatting rather than sitting on your toilet seat. This convenient device fits around your toilet's base for easy storage. Buy the 15 inch model if you have a standard toilet, the 17 inch if you have the taller model.

  • Stovall - Diarreha in a bottle

    Bought this liquid ass to mess with my friends in college after cracking up at the reviews. Seriously doubted how bad it could actually be. I got the package and immediately opened it and sprayed it in my living room. At first, it doest stink. Give it 10 seconds. It smelled like a dump truck full of Indian baby diarreha backed through my front door and dumped gallons of hot, wet poo on me and everything surrounding me. I literally had to run up the stairs to prevent my eyes from bleeding it smelled so bad. It's more than a smell. It's like someone punching you uncontrollably in the face with a dead anus. You have to get away but you can't. If you want to ruin a friendship or show your disregard for someone's life, simply spray them once. You literally might be able to kill someone with this if you put it in their drink or their face wash. Just the thought of ingesting this stuff makes me want to slide down a giant cheese grater into a pool of lemon juice. I'm definitely taking this to school and spraying hipsters and hopefully this guy that rides a giant unicycle around campus.. Because hey.. If you ride a unicycle to class you need to smell like a homeless woman's vomit covered yeast infection. Anyways.. Really cool